Are you interested in taking part in a focus group at NRAS?

We are looking for people who are not currently members of NRAS to come along to a focus group on Wednesday 18th January at 2pm at our offices in Maidenhead to help us look at ways in which we can attract new people to the Society and in what ways people would like to be involved. Please email if you would like to take part. Thank you!

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If I wasn't in the US, I would.


Im having a minor op that day sorry.. I have participated previously and would do again.



Im also a Nras member


If I wasn't in Orkney and already a member of NRAS I'd do it too! Tilda


can't do 2pm but close enough to Maidenhead and not currently a member (dip in and out of membership). Would be happy to help at a later, warmer date and an earlier time (11 ish).

Elizabeth x


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