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Does anyone have Post Hydrotherapy Flare up ?

I had some hydrotherapy on Friday, immediately after I began feeling unwell and weak and just made it to sit in the car. As the hours progressed I began having pains in my lower back and waist, legs and arms. Previous hydro sessions left me out of energy for days. I don't know what to make of it. I do not want to tell my therapist I want to give up, she is so nice :(

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She's making you do too much I think, I started on 10 mins then built up to 30 mins now. Also after our session we must drink a glass of juice before we leave as you sweat a lot in the hot pool plus exercising so you must rehydrate. They should offer it , if not take a sports rehydrating drink , if u are allowed it , with you.

But it gets easier, but sounds like u r doing too much. I just walked up and down the pool initially.


Hello BOB here

Water is a wonderful way to sort out bad joints because the body resists the weight of the water and tones up the body

One problem that seems to happen is we become tired and this is caused because we are using muscle groups that get very little exercise so you become more tired. Because of a skin complaint I now cannot use the pool for my arthritis, although in the past went swimming three times a week and dancing three or four times a week I was as fit as a lop. A couple of years ago I was on holiday in a spa and went into the water because of the salts. I came out of the water and I could barely stand. This lasted for some three or four days, so I understand what has happened to you.

Just go easy, you will recover and you will see the difference very soon, the warmth of the water was also a problem. The warmer the water the worse I was.

I miss swimming now

All the best



I had trouble when i did hydrotherapy, i was told to stop as it would take me a week to get over it and then i would go back for the next one and start again. So i would ask the therapist for advise. wish you well XXX



I made a very silly error when I went swimming last week. I was so thrilled with being 'weightless' that I overdid it of course which has meant me stopping even before I started. I really should have listened to my head a little more and now I'm trying to summon up the incentive to start again at a sensible pace.

This kind of activity cycling is exactly what the pain management doctor warned me about. He said that was actually worse that doing no exercise at all so I'm really cross with myself.

It is very difficult to tell the difference between a natural tiredness after exercise (and Allanah's tip about the water is a good one to remember) and overdoing things. Using muscles that haven't been used for months or even years is bound to have some sort of reaction surely? I just wish I could know the cut off point a bit better.

If I were you Lizzy I would have a word with your therapist and see what she says about it.

Good luck.


Hydrotherapy worked well for me but as others have said you do need to drink some juice/water after to hydrate. I felt tired and drained after but it really did help my joints.

I too just started with walking up and down in the pool, it sounds daft but doing even that can tired you out-but it does work wonders on the body! Slow and steady wins the race!!

Good luck and I hope you are able to continue.


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