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hello , been in london again

Just thought id show you our Harry Potter studios picture from Halloween but the blog page keeps saying it won't work ,VERY tiring time but they lent me a chair which was much easier for me, not for my son though!!!

Back at hospital for more pr op stuff and go in if they have a bed 7am wed morning the 7th, but BP still playing up,think i have white coat syndrome..and me an ex nurse!! Axx

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They are coming to take you away ha ha. I thought i would try and be jovial. Hope the op goes well for you when it comes


i know, you are right really, but hope the taking away bit is to the bahamas!! Axx


Well thats a great photo at harry potter studio ( open eyes now) trying to imagine as you suggested. glad u got your son to push you round in a chair as you do not need to tire yourself out as you may suffer if you do. Hope your blood pressure settles and things go well for nxt wed. Ive got my 1st rheumy appt mon and wouldnt you believe it but things have settled down in my joints this week not that I am disappointed but would have liked him to see me when problems were at worst.

cris xx


yes Cris, I took photos on my mobile so i could show them my problems if the swelling went down before appointments! Axx


As im a bit of a cavewoman I dont have a camera on my phone so not able to do that although I still have some swelling in hand and foot and pos RF so hope to get some answers Mon.

Take care cris


Shame Cris because photos were really useful for my rheumy apt a year ago this month when he diagnosed me. But from what you've said so far you have lots of other useful indicators he or she can go on.

Allanah my heroine - have you tried reducing size of photos using your computer as you download them? I find I have to do this as my iphone images are much bigger than we are allowed to use to blog on here so I just go to tools on the desktop, then resize the images before downloading them onto blogs. Sure you know all this but just in case..!

I'm off to London first thing tomorrow. I fly at 10.30am - hang around Edinburgh for hours and then fly to Gatwick to arrive at 4pm so a long day. Slightly dreading this first lap because of the tiredness and haven't been sleeping at all lately so I might have to take some drugs tonight to get some proper sleep. My sister comes to fetch me with her 2 lovely young kids in tow and then I stay with them in Epsom for the night. Then my other sister drives over from North East London and we all have a pub lunch together and then she drives me to her home for Sunday night. She has to be at work early on Monday and I haven't a clue whether to lounge about in suburbia in an empty house or whether to go on tube into London for the day yet. But at 6.30 I have the launch of the artwork to attend and make a short speech about the 73 Leaves and how they came about. Then I don't know where I'm staying on Monday and Tuesday but have had several good offers so I'm sort of playing it by ear?

I haven't flared for a long time now and I'm trying to travel very light over the four days I'm away but am sort of nervous that I'll get completely exhausted as coming back to this very challenging new job - which is already giving me insomnia hey ho! The artwork is located very near to King's Cross and I'm minded to just go there for the day and visit the Harry Potter museum there - shame my nephew and niece are back at school really?! I could always pretend they've used their invisibility cloaks and go around talking to myself?

I will think about you on the 7th when I fly home and you will presumably be having your op. Tilda xxx


Hi allanah,wishing u luck for the 7th will be thinking of u xx


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