Hydrotherapy Pool Wonderful

Hydrotherapy Pool Wonderful

Went along to my local Hospital which specialises in arthritic problems, saw a wonderful Consultant who after seeing my Ultra Sound scans, prescribed Naproxen VIT D Preglagablin

and a course of Excersices with a Physio in the Pool ,WONDERFUL it felt really good, hoisted in and out and lots of gentle exercise.

I can thoroughly reccomend this if you get the chance.

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  • Great that you felt you had a positive experience and hope that the hydrotherapy helps

    cris xx

  • hi nanypat

    I am having hydrotherapy at the moment its great while you are in there but as soon as I get out my body feels like it weighs a ton lol. Glad you are enjoying it.

    Regards sharon

  • hello sharon

    Sadly my treatment has now finished,but i did feel the benefits while it lasted,could do with going everyday.


  • I followed up my hydrotherapy with aquafit sessions at my local pool (I can go free ). The instructor is very helpful and adapts the exercises for those of us who can't mange what the younger, fitter ones can do. There's a hoist there and some wide shallow steps with a hand rail to get in and out.

    We stand in the water up to your shoulders and do exercises - I've just been this morning and always feel so much better. The others who go (some of them more disabled than I am) are all very friendly even the young fit ones and we have a laugh and a joke.

  • Thats sounds wonderful and i so hope that after my operation I can get my hydrotherapy. Well done and glad you are having a good time with it! Axx

  • allanha have ya been in for your op yet and what they doing on it

    regards john

  • Hi All, I've been having Hydrotherapy too and am carrying it on for a fee. I agree its lovely while in the pool but as you get out the weight seems greater than when you go in. I have benefitted in movement but the pain's the same, if you get the choice to go to Hydro then go Ann x

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