Clexane injection this morning

Hi, I have RA amongst other things and I need to give myself a clexane injection before 9am for the next three days so that I can have an epidural on Monday morning. I have a second blood clot and no-one can explain the reason why. I have a prolapse disc which I have been told I can't have surgery but have the epidural instead to control the pain. I gave myself Heparin injections in my tummy about a year ago, but for some reason I feel very nervous this morning. Well, I guess I had better get on with it or I won't be able to have the epidural on Monday morning which does give me good pain relief after 3 days. Hope you all have a good weekend with the sunny weather. xx Sue

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  • My mum has clexane every day as she has Antiphospholipid syndrome (otherwise known as Hughes Syndrome or "sticky blood syndrome". She has had numerous blood clots in her lungs and was on warfarin for many years but with AS they could never control the blood thickness and she was having so many bleeds that they finally suggested clexane and the blood has been a lot better. I don't think that it stings any more than heparin injections. Hope your epidural goes well. Clemmie

  • Thank you, it did sting but not too much, like you said no more than the heparin injection. It is worth it and hopefully, I can have the epidural injection if my INR reading is a safe level to give me the treatment, fingers crossed. The previous 2 epidural injections I had gave me a good amount of pain relief I was able to enjoy walking in the village after 3 days. The only difference this time is that I am on warfarin and have had to come off warfarin for 3 days before the treatment, so finger crossed, next weekend I will be walking with a lot less pain and I will be able to book my trip to Canada to see my family. Sue

  • Glad it went well, hope you manage the trip, have always wanted to go tO Canada!

  • Hi Allanah, Thank you for your reply, I managed my second injection this morning ok. I really do hope I can make it over to Canada again this year. I have to be feeling loads better than I do right now to be able to go. I can't wait to see my son, my wonderful daughter-in-law, and my lovely 8 yr old twin grand-daughters. They are skyping me tomorrow for mothers day. I wish they didn't live so far away but they do have a lovely life over there. I hope you are having a pain free time. Take care, Sue xx

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