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Morning everyone on this wet Sunday


Well i can tell you it is not a good day for me,my back and neck both hurt like hell and i have had my hands in a sink of epsom salt and lavender wit hot water. I couuld barely hold the spoon this morning to eat my ceral at breakfast. There were tears at breakfast as well.

Tomorrow i will be ringing the pain clinic to see if they can get me another infusion or if there is something else that can be done to help ease the even if it isn't gone altogether as long as it is easier than it is now.xxxxx

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Not so good Sylvi , take things easy pet and plenty off rest xxx

sylvi in reply to popsmith1874

I know darling,but sometimes it is hard work jus

Big hugs Sylvi 🤗

sylvi in reply to ruth_p

Thank you.xxxx

I hope you get some relief soon.

sylvi in reply to Mmrr

Thank you,xxxx


Sleepy Sunday

sylvi in reply to Hidden

Yes i think it will

Virtual gentle hugs. Cant think of anything else to say. Let us know how tomorrow goes with getting some help with pain. 🌻🌼🌷🌻

sylvi in reply to Ruth12345

Will do

Hi Sylvi, the good old Epsom salts. Have you tried the salts in a bath? May give you a bit relief. Rubbish weather and a rubbish day to be suffering pain! Everywhere is closed!

Sending love your way xx

sylvi in reply to Shalf

Yes i do use them in the bath,but at the moment i can't bath because i have pins in my toes on my left foot.xxxx

Shalf in reply to sylvi

It's days like this you want to Screeeem!! Maybe a hot water bottle?xx

sylvi in reply to Shalf

Ihave one that goes round my neck and it is in use this morning,xxx


Aw Sylvi that’s sad, have you tried little microwave bean bags, microwave or freezer, for hands, hope you’re feeling better soon x

Sounds miserable, have you got a wax bath for your hands as that can be very soothing.

Find yourself a nice spot on the sofa, or recliner if you have one, & rest up Sylvia. Hopefully the pain clinic will be forthcoming with something for you tomorrow.

Do you have an electric heat pad to ease your back & neck a little? I've been down to Lidl this morning to replace mine that gave up the ghost last week, good timing!

Hugs being sent your way. x

Sorry to hear that you are suffering sylvi.what are you taking for the pain .hugs kathy x

sylvi in reply to keeta

Slow release tramadol,codiene,paracetamol and naproxen when i need it badly

keeta in reply to sylvi

Hi lovely i was in awfull pain everywhere.last time i saw my RD doctor.i sobbed my heart out and i.m usually good with pain .she added Amitripyline to my other meds .and they really did help.went to see the doc about my back and leg last week and she upped 10mg and it has helped my OA.

I no everyone is different .but give it a try .

Bless you .big hugs.let us no how you get on. And rest .kathy xx

Yes you just take it easy it's a horrible pain, I'm just on steroids at moment don't like them but they do help, take care little hug x

Beautiful sunflower Sylvi.. I feel your pain today too especially in my neck and shoulder and hands.

Were made of strong stuff but I hope they sort you out tomorrow. Sarah ♥️

Thank you all for your support i will be having my tea shortly and going up to lay on my bed.xxxx


Sorry you've had such a rotten day. i hope you get some sleep tonight.

I hope you feel better soon ..

Oh dear Sylvi, you certainly have your share don't you. Here's hoping you get some help with pain today. Take care xx

I hope today is a better day for you Sylvi and that you had a decent night’s sleep. Your photo is gorgeous- so full of life and optimism.

Hope you got some rest last night and hope your pain has eased some this morning xxx

My thoughts are with you Sylvi.

Thinking of you, Sylvi. Huge hugs


Hi syl can I ask you what medication are you on for your RA apart from pain relief you seem to suffer loads I hope I’m not been to nosey ? Hope your pain as subsided

sylvi in reply to Vonnie10

Sulfasalazine,duloxotine,methotraxte in injection form,pregablin,blimey my prain doesn't want to work today as i can't remember the rest. I will add more when i can remember them as i am sure there is more.xxxx

Mummyola in reply to sylvi

Hi Sylvi hope you are feeling better today. It’s awful when you have days like that. Sorry you suffered for the day big hugs 🤗 for pain free days

sylvi in reply to Mummyola

I feel brighter today thank you

Sorry to hear your having a rotten time. I hope you get some relief from the paun clinic. The damp weather isnt helping at all. Sending hugs. X

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