up date on father

i went this morning after my brother visited yesterday, he is a lot better even though he still has a stiff neck. He can lift it of his chest now and is more mobile. He was still in his pj and hadnt had breakfast (boiled egg) yet and it was 11-30 am. His bath room is down stairs and he went in to wash and i started on the kitchen which he said was disgusting. Nobody had touched it since friday, thought sister or brother would have done it sat or sun but no. there was dinner plates and glasses, and then just a general clean up round work surfaces. Then we had cup of tea and he had his pain killers which he hadnt taken because he thought they would interfer with his other medicene. So i reassured him that they didnt.. We had a laugh and enjoyed our cup of tea. I have two sisters one 5yrs older and one 10yrs younger, one brother 12yrs younger so i'm 64 this year and feel for him as i'm the one that takes after him with the different pains, i have PsA and i think its him i got it from. everything i have comes from him> i have a lazy eye and its the left one the same as him. So i think i understand him better.

I am giving him a bit of space and not going till Thursday on the understanding that if he needs me he will ring.

So thanks for all your replies and i will keep you informed as to how he gets on.

Sending you all hugs and best wishes


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  • Glad to hear dad is feeling better & you sound more reassured. Hope all continues to improve. Love Alison x

  • Better news then , both of you keep well xx

  • I understand your concern for him bless him but make sure you take care of yourself too. I send a big hug for you both xxx

  • SO glad you have got your dad sorted and i am glad he has you to take care of him. Shame on your siblings. Chris you should be proud of yourself consider your not well yourself. xxxxx

  • lucky he has you ,my dad is 92 and it's a worry isn't it ? I am an only child so I do worry about him , know how you feel. look after yourself too x

  • Thanks for the update Chris. Good to know he's OK. Take care of yourself too. Angela.

  • Thanks everyone for your replies. It does give me a boost to hear from you all.

    Sending you all hugs XXX


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