update on father

after i posted that he was much better, i had a phone call from a near neighbour telling me he had a had a fall. They were worried as his blinds hadnt been opened and it was dinner time (wednesday) . They had called the police and they had got entry due to a key safe that was there from when my mother was ill with cancer. They had called the doctors surgery and the district nurse still had it and she arrived at the same time as the paramedics. The neighbour found my phone number at the side of his phone. I then rang the house and the para answered the phone and told me they were taking him to hospital and i meet them there. He was admitted with a chest infection, tempreture and dihydrated. He will be there for a few days as they have put him on steroids and he is still shakey on his legs . Which is alright by me as my elder sister will be back by then, she arrives on saturday. I didnt get home till 11-0 o'clock on wednesday night and have been to his house today got him some clothes and visited him this afternoon, so am a bit tired .

so heres hoping you are all better than me. Sending hugs to all


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  • I hope you find your father on the mend tomorrow what a worry for you. You take care too, a big hug to you both xxx

  • Sorry about your Dad, take care of you. Love Alison

  • This sounds familiar. So sorry you're all going through this.

  • I went through this last year, lots of falls, mam on the floor for overnight as we didn't know till the care staff went in. It's a nightmare. Our social worker for her was brilliant though and did step in. So sorry you are having such a worrying and stressful time xxx

  • i hope he is doing Ok and that you don't stress too much. All the best

  • Chris i am so sorry your father has had a fall and is in hospital. Having elderly parents is very difficult for all. I know i am going to hit a nerve here and i don't intend to upset,but is it time your father was moved into residential care, He sounds like he needs more care than you and your siblings can give him. It would help him and you all at the same time. If he was in care you could all spend more time with him without the worry. I know we always worry about our parents. I hope he soon recovers and i hope this hasn't upset you too much and i hope you don't go into a flare because of the worry. A big hug from me to you. Love sylvia.xxx

  • That is what my elder sister wants but he has already told me 'i'm not going in a home, forget it' So i said nobody is talking about that , i'm here to see how you are getting on. I've been today and they have lost his teeth that i only took in yesterday afternoon.. I've gone mad as he can'nt eat properly without them as his jaw is'nt aliegned because as a child a horse kick him in the face and moved his bottom jaw to one side. I'm hoping they have found them when i go tomorrow . I dont think my elder sister will get in early enough for her to visit till evening.

  • Can't you organise some day care that comes into his home then and check on him a couple of times a day and to make sure he is ok. That way someone has been in so he is not left on his own. Also there is a lifeline thingy where someone rings him and chats to him and checks on him.. It is for the lonely,but i am sure there would be something out there that would make sure he is ok. There is a think they put into peoples houses that have an alarm and they wear it round their neck and if they fall they press it and help will come or they ring a member of the family. That might be worth looking into. I hope your dad soon recovers Chris.xxxx

  • Hi Chris. So sorry to hear this. Unfortunately falls are a problem with our elderly parents and such a shock and worry for us. I wonder, like Sylvi, if he would be better in sheltered housing where they have an alarm to pull. My 92 year old father in law does and this gives us some peace of mind as the staff call them each morning to check on them too. Anyway, that's for later. For the moment, I hope he has a good recovery and is soon on the mend. Take care. Angela x

  • The sheltered housing suggestion sounds like a good option perhaps - sorry you are going through this Chris. Tx

  • Thanks for all replies it good to know you are all there for me. Sheltered housing is an option i dont think my sister has thought of i will keep that in mind when we have our talk.

    Hope you all are pain free or have relief with pain killers. which is what is keeping me going.


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