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Anyone had covid on adalimumab?

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Well the inevitable happened and as covid started ripping through my eldest‘s (9y) class the school kept insisting that only children needing to self-isolate did not have mandatory attendance and the fact I am vulnerable didn’t count… well as of this morning he has a positive lateral flow although no symptoms! The other two and I have had PCR tests so we are all waiting for results. He is terrified of having made me or his brother (severe asthma) ill and keeps bursting into tears so I have been cuddling him and trying to explain that none of this is his fault.

Should also say I am 11 weeks pregnant just to add to the fun.

So anyway after an awful day of Morning sickness, upset with not much school work done while the younger ones run wild ….

Anyone for some sympathy or who caught covid whilst on adalimumab (and pregnant 🙈) and been ok…? I had my booster (should have been 3rd dose but that’s another rant) 29.9.21 so at least that’s something. Feeling a bit overwhelmed and scared after today.

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Flipping heck but you certainly have a bucket full of woes don't you? I'm truly sorry you have so much to cope with. If it helps at all two of my grandchildren have had covid (mildly) but not passed it on to anyone else in their families and I have crossed everything that you and your little ones are equally lucky. Sending warm healing thoughts

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Gif1986 in reply to Gnarli

Thank you. Such a lovely warm reply.x

Ah you have my sympathy as I could just imagine how worried you are. Yes I had covid during the summer while taking adalimumab as well as methotrexate and sulfasazaline. I managed ok at home with it, felt poorly for a few weeks like I had the flu but didn't need hospital treatment. But remember you've had your vaccinations including the booster so fingers crossed all will be ok! But since your pregnant I would be inclined to ring your rheumy team or gp tomorrow for advice.

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Gif1986 in reply to Pinkypie2018

Thank you I will do. Too frazzled and frantic today to think that far but sounds sensible!I‘m glad you were ok although sorry you felt so poorly.x

Hi gif, oh my you have got a lot to deal with, my mum and dad got covid a few weeks ago, (both 74) and double vaxed, my dad took me in the car for my 3rd primary dose of covid and they both had a head cold, had masks on but we was in car for a while, we went shopping also, few days later they both lost there smell, taste, and tested positive for covid, I panicked. But I never got it from them. Took tests every few days,I work in pharmacy (Been off work 6 months now) and worked all way through lockdown, so either I have had it, or am very lucky. Also my grandson has had it, but his sister never got it or my daughter. Hope this helps and best wishes to you fingers crossed you will be safe x

Thank you. Fingers crossed!!!xx

I am so sorry you are having all this worry especially being pregnant too. I feel sorry for your son. The chances are he won't pass it on but try to keep your distance as much as possible. Good luck x

My heart goes out to you but I also wanted to say congratulations. I would use a mask, sanitise and if possible try and reduce contact, I know how hard that is though. (I have two small ones). I would call your team ASAP for advice, I do think because you’ve had three jabs that will really really help. I was also told it can be harder for smaller ones especially asymptomatic children to pass it on as easily due to low viral load but definitely get some advice from your team xxx

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Gif1986 in reply to Domhem

Thank you I will do. It’s so hard when they are all little. At the moment his is the only positive PCR so hopefully we will be lucky. At least he isn’t coughing or anything so hopefully easier to contain 😢😢🙈Thank you again x

Hello Gif, Sorry that you’re having such a hard time! I’ve been taking adalibumab since March and had two vaccine doses. I caught COVID in September.

Fortunately I wasn’t too bad at all, it felt like a nasty cold and I more or less recovered after 10 days. Full recovery took a while longer, struggled with my running for a while. My sense of smell and taste still aren’t back to normal but nothing problematic.

I would however endorse the advice Pinkypie has given you and contact your rheumatology team and GP in the event that you do catch COVID.

Good luck and sending a big virtual hug!


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Gif1986 in reply to Katie-Mag

Thank you! And virtual hug much appreciated!!

Talk about eye of the storm. My heart goes out to you. Don't really have anything to add other than my gardener's daughter caught covid but none of the siblings or parents caught it from her. So, good luck and thinking of you.

What a lovely little chap to be so worried about you! Who catches COVID and who doesn’t within a family seems completely random - hope all is well with yours .

Hi that's so awful for you all. I'd call the G P as they now have antiviral drugs against covid although I'm not sure if these are suitable when pregnant xSending lots of hugs and I'd be especially proud of how caring and empathetic you brought your family up to be xx

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Thank you xxxx

Sorry to hear that your son has tested positive. My daughter tested positive back in June even though she had no symptoms at the time, and fortunately none of the rest of us ended up catching it, so just wanted to give you some hope really. I would definitely talk to your Rheumy team for advice though as the advice given to me was to skip my meds (methotrexate + etanercept) whilst COVID was in the house. Hope all turns out to be Ok, and congrats on your pregnancy xx

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Gif1986 in reply to Monkeysmum

Thank you. Hopefully we will be lucky and won‘t all get it. So glad you didn’t catch it x

Heck! So sorry to hear of your problems. No real advice I can offer so sending healing thoughts & a congratulations for the one positive brewing. 🤰

On Baricitinib, Methotraxate and Sulfasalazine, had two vaccinations and then got the covid.Apart from two really rough nights was not too bad, probably thanks to the Pfizer jabs.

Hope you all get through it safely!

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Gif1986 in reply to paulogribiz

That’s reassuring, thank you!

So sorry to read this, it's just racing through schools isn't it, my daughters is exactly the same.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and great you've had your booster shot, fingers crossed you don't get itxx

Thank you.It’s so stressful with the kids in one class coming down one by one and there not being any legal way of protecting vulnerable adults.

And it’s easy to say to isolate him on his own but he needs support with school work and cuddles to keep him well…

Hopefully all will go well.

I hope you don‘t get it xxx

First, big congratulations on the new baby. Second, congratulations on your 3rd jab. Third, congratulations at getting through the pandemic and all being g well and healthy.

Natural to worry a bit, sure you’ll be fine. My grandchildren 6 & 8 had it and didn’t pass it on to their parents or any grandparents.

Eat well, keep warm, stay safe and start knitting 😀

If only I had the time to start knitting 🤣 The eldest with covid is now home-schooling and the two little ones are in need of a lot of entertainment 🤪!Thank you!xx

Could it be art or home economics and thus part of the syllabus 😆

Ha ha. I think a 3, 5 and 9 year old knitting might bring us an attack of giggles at least 🤣 I‘d just fret the whole time that someone might use a needle as a sword 🤣 🧶 ⚔️

That would be the history lesson done then.

I love the positive spin. We‘ll be head of school work at the end of this at this rate 😉 🤣 👍🏻

Thank you to everyone who has commented so kindly. Rheumatology nurse said to test again on Tuesday before I inject which will be day 7 from my son‘s positive PCR and inject if negative 😬😬😬

Thank you again for all the wonderful replies xxx

Wow, really feel for you. Perfectly understandable worries. But like others have said above, in a worst case, the jabs you've had should help loads to minimise how badly you would get it, if you do. But may well not. Sorry can't help otherwise as lucky not to have had it so far (& tried adalimumab this year but didn't work for me!). Wishing you well xxx

I’m on adalimumab and have just recovered from the Covid that my 6 yo brought home from school. Also had my booster around the same time. I was convinced I had escaped it but I fell ill a couple of days after the rest of the family. It’s been fine. A couple of days feeling like a bad cold and then just bunged up since. I was told to skip my injection whilst infected so it’s worth finding out ASAP and maybe skipping if you’re due one. Now we’re out of the other side (today is our first day out of isolation) I’m quite relieved getting it over and done with but it is a worry when you don’t know how bad it’s going to get. My kids were fine after a couple of days and were climbing the walls. The worst bit for us has actually been the house arrest! I have also heard lots of stories about just 1 person in a family getting it and not passing on so there’s also a good chance you won’t. Hope you are ok x

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Gif1986 in reply to LisaJ42

Thank you so much. That is very reassuring and I am very glad you are well!!I did think at least we will have this household wave before the Christmas holidays!

I am due to inject next Tuesday and the rheumatology nurse suggested going ahead and injecting if my lateral flow is still negative on Tuesday.

I hope you can enjoy coming out of isolation this weekend!!

Thank you xx

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