up date on me ,

hi all sorry not been here, not been to good, so will try and give you a up date, heres gos, in my last blog, said i had bad side effects ,from taking salazopyrin, lost me voice, and rash all over me, ,and bloods done, there, were not good , so told to stop taking it, put on prednisolone,, and got cream, settling, down now, in alot of pain had a big flare up of ra.,,went to my g.p. as my feet ,hands, wrist ankles, and me knee gone purple,and swelling,lol, he give me naproxen to take , omeprazole to protect stomach, i told him the , ibuprofen, will make my asthma bad, he said just try it, so , a ho, i did , chest getting bad, ,, went to see rheumy on Monday, 18th about the sad affects, from meds, , so now going to put me on hydroxchloroquine, and up my methotreate injection to 20mg week,,, Tuesday been up all night, phone g.p wen-day, so off to doctors, YES, GOT A CHEST INFECTION, told you i can take any thing with ibuprofen in o well we tryed, so more tablets to take , amoxcillin, and predrisolone,, , and amitriptgline to help me sleep. as if that will help FATIGUE,, sorry gone on abit, hope you can under stand, it as not to good on here , and cant spell to good. , love to all on here Joanne,,xx off back to bed now,,

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  • Poor you Joanne - sorry you are having such a rubbish time of it -- hope all clears up soon and you can get back to some kind of normality again. Tilda x

  • thank you , Tilda, same go for you , just had a read off your blog, so wishing you well ,x

  • I'm sending you both cyber hugs. sylvi.xx

  • thank you, Sylv, some back to you,x :) trying to keep smiling,

  • Joanne, best you can do is take the antibiotic, rest and let it soak in till it's all gone. Then you can concentrate on the RA drugs. Sounds like you might be a good candidate to go to the Biologics, which are relativally free of major side-effects. Can't hurt to ask your Rheumy about them.

    For now, get your chest infection better fast and keep in touch. Hugs from across the pond. Loretxx

  • thanks loret, i will make a note of it , and ask rheumy, when i go back in augs,,,, of for a bath, now my daughter, is coming to help, me, always make me feel nice after a good soak,:). xx have a nice day,chat soon,xx

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