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Hi all just really annoyed with my doctor went to see him about my very swollen ankle that I have had for three months its got really painful so much so its hard to walk. I went to see him as I was informed that the care for my RA is shared with the GP and the hospital, the reason I am a bit annoyed is because he deemed me fit for work the weekend when my job requires a lot of walking. The thing is when I am in pain I often make myself go to work but thought this time maybe I shouldn't be. By Monday morn I wont be able to put my foot to the floor when I said this to him he said " Oh I can imagine " sorry for the moan all x

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  • Time for a new Doc??? That is so insensitive. Did he at least look at it or offer some medical advice or anything? Hope you get some proper treatment soon.

  • Hi there, yes he said stay off the foot don't stand for long periods of time how confused yes me to lol. Did get an xray form. Thanks for responding x

  • wow but didn't bother to give you a med cert so you could have a bit of a break to let it rest a bit. Ridiculous! I would be getting new GP.

  • How stupid so pleased my Gp is very caring you must be in agony poor thing. My old rhumie wanted to share care but I refused each time he said this. Then he retired and I got a young lady who read my notes and said I understand your not keen on shared care then said that's fine you can stay with me. Try to get a earlier review at hospital gps are not specialist . Book another appointment and with another Gp who might be more understanding hope you get someone more understanding take care x

  • Hi there thanks for responding I have lost faith in my GP now don't think I will go him again with the RA, will stick with my consultant shared care is a waste of time lol xx

  • Sorry but how about garotting his testicles and telling him you imagine that this must hurt, he should be struck off.

  • Hi there that's the thing unless you suffer pain on a regular basis its hard to get it.. ignorance is bliss with my doctor I think xx

  • I changed my GP just today .

  • Hi there did you change because your GP was as unhelpful as mine. ??

  • Sorry to hear of your situation. Could they not give you a steroid injection in your ankle? When my knees are swollen they aspirate them and give me an injection. Really helps for a while. Pester them! Anne

  • Hi there I do normally have an overall steroid injection have never had one direct in to the area, I have had this swelling for three months now and the hospital were not really that interested either, i was asked if I am even taking my injections and I certainly am and I am beginning to feel a bit of a pest. x thanks for responding very glad of every ones feedback.

  • time to make him listen to you , perhaps it was a bad day for him and his gp said get on with it and go to work lol, but really hes not taken any thing in and wants a good shake after all we all pay his wages , may be you should see another gp and put in a complaint he really would not like that as they will have to act on it and reply back to you with his response ,and how do you rest your foot and work good luck

  • Hi there thanks for getting back to me that's what I said to him its ok for me to be on foot all day sat and sunday with the swollen ankle and sore knees yes he said that would be fine just take pain killers lmao I could do his job,xx

  • My understanding is that time of during a flare up is not counted against you for disciplinary or promotion purposes. Just for calculating sick pay etc.

  • I changed to another GP in my surgery after a complete lack of knowledge or understanding from my old one. There is now a big difference to my level of care and my confidence that this GP can actually hear me when I speak. Doctor's are ordinary people like you and I, with good ones and others who quite frankly have a cheek taking a wage out of the NHS I pay into.

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