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General whinge as I'm in need of sympathy

Hi Guys, not posted for a while due to family emergency I mentioned back in September and loss of job a month later. Starting to pick myself back up fighting back. Anyhoo, those that have known me for a while will know I have been sent to virtually every hospital department over the past year in an attempt to identify what's wrong with me and sort me out following rheumy's snap decision that they'd misdiagnosed me 20 years earlier and I don't have any form of inflammatory arthritis but OA and fibromyalgia, despite a lot of my symptoms being suspiciously identical to spondylitis/RA. The "fibro" symptoms I'd developed on top of the old familiar ones miraculously disappeared when they found my bone density wasn't what it should be and put me on calcium and vit D. I'm also anaemic suddenly - never had a problem before - and iron levels were so depleted they decided I'd better have some investigations to check there's no internal bleeding and that my IBS hadn't also been wrongly diagnosed. So a month ago I had to have a gastroscopy and last Monday I had to have a colonoscopy (no they couldn't save everybody's time and effort and do them both at the same time - silly me for applying logic!). Oh dear, this had turned into a mimi rant - soz. So now we come to the reason for me needing tea and sympathy. They sent me an evil preparation to take to clear me out prior to the procedure and boy my body did not like it at all! Cue vomitting, indigestion, killer headache and living on the loo! Couldn't even keep water in. They must have given me something to calm it all down when I was away with the fairies as I felt much better that evening but I've felt rotten ever since. I've no idea how long it'll take my poor bod to get over the after-effects but I've had to cancel my physio session today and it's making me feel very much less than festive and no strength to do all the Christmas preps. I've been recalled for a second interview this afternoon so will have to put on my best Oscar performance in order to try and impress. Luckily all tests show no internal bleeding,ulcers, etc so that's one worry gone - next stop iron supplement. The annoying thing is that I often see posts on here mentioning anaemia etc but my GPs are not keen to question rheumy's findings. My next treat for 2014 is an ultrasound of my thyroid to see if the half I have left also needs to come out - deep joy.

Sorry it's been such a moan but I know I can vent here without worrying anyone. Right, off to chuck myself in some water to try and feel vaguely human for the interview.

Have a cool yule peeps xx

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Hi, oh poor you...I had that stuff too before the camera going where no one should go!'s horrendous, I can remember after taking the second dose I felt so ill and nauseas, it was truly evil...I can also remember very well sitting in a room with other people who had the procedure and all of them passing wind like there was no tomorrow...I thought I'm not going to do this so I held mine in...that was until my lift home arrived and I stood up...I went out that room like a Woopie cushion!!!! It was hysterical.

I really hope they sort you out soon it must be awful when they are undecided...good luck at appointment and if you can't have a moan on here where can moan away.sending you a smile..maryx


Big hugs to you mistymeana....really hope you manage to enjoy Xmas despite everything you are going through...perhaps make it a chilled out laid back kind holiday!

It's always good to be able to come in here for a moan & get things off your chest....really helps to be able to do that without feeling like a burden on anyone.

Good luck for 2014, lets hope they get you completely sorted. xxx

Reply poor love.......hoping you get something sorted the afternoon.....x

Merry Christmas



Oh my darling your having it hard aren't you.Well lets hope come the new year and things will pick up for you. I wish you a healthyish christmas and a happy one too.xxxx


I know the feeling , that is just how i was , some years ago. My stomach was playing me up at the time and afterwards i couldnt expel the air in my stomach and when i left the room i had to move faster to the nearest toilet and i was sick. Even tho i had had no food it was just bile . It took me several days to get over it but they found i had a polyp.

So i hope you get some good news this afternoon and i also hope you have a good Christmas.



Oh dear you are truly having a hard time off it aren't you. So hope 2014 will be better for you and that you have a brill xmas xx


Thanks guys. Mary, the whoopee cushion analogy made me giggle! By the power of Loperamide I managed to get myself out the house and pinned on a mad grin so hopefully I impressed rather than scared my interviewer although I'm not sure the groan when I was told I'd have a lovely role play to go through was quite what he was hoping for. Fingers crossed. Big hugs to all friends old and news - thanks for being here xx


Hiya, well hope we got some confirmation of results at the same time!try to have a good Xmas and the wind settles down soon, well yes the weather here is wet and windy! Love Axx


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