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As many of you know I went for my first ever pip interview on my own.people told me not to go but I had no choice as I was refused a home visit twice.

I had a terrible time and passed out on several occasions at the centre through the pain and amount of medication that I am on as recently I was diagnosed with a catalogue of problems forcing me to make some serious life changing decisions.

The interview should have been cancelled because of my poor health under PIP regulations but lasted two hours. I only wanted a little help in obtaining some modifications to my home and a badge to help with parking when I get a lift for appointments , someone to help me in getting my daughter to and from school and maybe a little help with preparing food sometimes when I am struggling nothing more.

I have been in some nasty situations during my working life during my twenty five e years of defending my country and my PIP interview was more like an interrogation.

I told the full truth at my PIP assessment and did not exaggerate anything. I did my best but struggled throughout the interview.

After lots of stalling and awaiting letters from the hospital as the cow of a lady did not want any evidence that I had offered I received a letter from DWP awarding me enhanced care and disability, even a certificate for free road tax.

One thing that stands out in my mind was the assessor asking me if I used Facebook which of course I do not. From the line of questions put to me I am certain that they scan social media sites for information.

Thank you to everyone who messaged me here and privately giving me good advice on PIP and encouragement to go for help.

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Congratulations darling.xxxx

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RA57 in reply to sylvi

Thank you I will let you know x

That’s great news I have my assessment today I am having a home visit and was surprised by this. It’s with capita I am stressing like mad but my hubby said just tell them how much RA has impacted on your life 🤔

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Good luck

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sylvi in reply to RA57

I had a home visit and the guy who did it reckons i won't have any problems. I was sprawled out on my recliner and he said i can see you will have trouble standing. I am still waiting to hear from them,but i don't expect any problems.xxx

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RA57 in reply to sylvi

Thanks Sylvi I am not feeling too bad today and will be honest and say I am having a good day still in pain though ! Did you feel relaxed with him and what sort of questions did he ask ?

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nomoreheels in reply to RA57

All the best. Let us know how you think it went.

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Thank you I will

Thank you I will let you know how I get on

Still no decision, Minty? It sounds as though they are running a shameful shambles. Everything crossed for you


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nomoreheels in reply to Gnarli

Minty has received confirmation Jan, enhanced for both components. Third para from the end. x

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Doh! Sorry. Obviously not awake yet this morning. Reckon the fog's got me

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Hope the fog soon lifts. x

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Thank you. Me too

So pleased for you. Thanks for letting us know

So pleased Minty! It doesn't relieve the assessor of her brutality but the correct award is the result. It was the How to apply for free disabled tax (free vehicle tax) info sheet that I first saw as I pulled out my paperwork & didn't understand as I was sure it was my PIP result. It suddenly dawned & I kept saying I don't believe it til my h said for goodness sake open the rest of the paperwork (or words to that effect).

You can relax now knowing you have that behind you, start properly planning changes to your home & apply for your BB. Yay!! 🎉

I can't Like your post Minty because when I do it changes to Unlike but be assured it's a great big Like!

Tickled pink to hear you had the right award. Let's hope life gets better for you both


So pleased for you well deserved, hope your trip went well and wrinkles have you got him yet????x

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I am getting wrinkles on Monday as I was booked for an operation today and now it has been deferred without notice, now scheduled for 19th oct

Congrats Minty. Sounded like a torrid experience, but it seems that you got more than what you wanted? (Don’t mind me, I’m from OZ and clueless about yr system). Anyways celebrate! :)

Congratulations Minty and well deserved, it's a disgrace any of us have to go through this and have to justify it we would rather be fit and healthy but sadly we have to fight for everything xxx

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What is worrying for me is I looked on the notability website and you can have so many cars.

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Yes it's what ever suits you and you can have adaptions I'm on my third now as needs change as well , kids an dogs sorry abt op you take care x

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I need a driverless vehicle

So pleased you got the right outcome Minty. X

It is utterly shameful what people are subjected to in the name of assessments for disability benefits, but glad to hear you got the right result in the end.

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