Given in to another course of prednisolone πŸ˜”

Morning peeps 😎

Unfortunately, after being giving more steroid injections (in my backside) over 2 weeks ago, I've had to start yet another course of prednisolone. Again, they haven't worked for me- I wish my consultant didn't keep insisting on giving them to me. It was becoming so difficult to walk, function, etc and I have to return to work next week full time! So I'm to take 30mg for 2 weeks then 20mg, then 10mg. My blood results from this week were completely up and down again: mostly too high or too low! My ESR:120! CRP:115 HB:10.4 Platelets:519! Also, I was hoping my iron would have improved after having taken iron tabs (ferrous fumarate 3 x 210mg daily) for 2 months but they're worse: Iron: 4.7 (was 6.8-should be over 9) That explains why I'm having to take to my bed for 2-3 hrs each afternoon!

Day 3 of prednisolone (30mg) and I'm still very stiff, sore and swollen but hoping for some relief soon - I've stopped my 90mg if Etoricoxib while I'm taking steroids as my rheumatologist said to- she said I shouldn't need it.

The sun's out today....hoping to catch some rays- happy bank holiday peeps (sorry Scotland 😎)

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  • Hi there! Have you ever tried changing your diet to see if that would help?

  • Morning Matilda7, do you mean regarding iron intake? If so, I eat an iron-rich diet and vit C along with it to help absorbtion.

  • No, I meant looking to see if eliminating something like meat or wheat or sugar or dairy might help! Lots of us on this forum have changed our diets and have found that it helps a lot. Takes a bit of will power and organisation but well worth trying. Let me know if you want more information.

  • Oh I see....well I've just eaten my porridge laden with oatbran....with a smidgen of brown sugar so I can line my stomach for the morning meds...

    I'd have to eat a totally separate diet to my family in order to accommodate a meat -free or wheat-free diet. We eat as a family and, fortunately for me, my husband cooks mostly. I can't prepare many foods atm πŸ˜•

  • I can see that would be very difficult, but given the problems you're having maybe it's worth discussing with your husband? There was an interesting TV programme, food hospital, channel 4 I think....where they had good results with someone with RA, was a couple of years ago.

  • Hi. I follow a Gluten free grain free dairy free diet and I swear its helping with the pain. Its a tough regime though and not cheap. Plus you have to read all labels when shopping. Especially do not buy Gluten free products as they still contain grains. There is a book called No Grain No Pain by dr Peter Osborne. Its excellent from Amazon.

  • I hope they work soon moomin enjoy the Sun.

    How will you manage full time work ? Can you not sort out part time until you get controlled.

    I only work 22 hours but struggling with this. Completely understand you sleeping in a afternoon. I am down to 10mg preds now been on steroids since March. Hoping we are going to try and reduce again next week.

  • Morning moomie, I had 6 whole months off work with full pay (since January ) and went back on a gradual return in July- aided by prednisone πŸ˜•. As I work in a school I've had the last 6 weeks off! I work 8:30 until 4 every day...I need to get back as since July my pay halved 😯I've got to try ...

    Hope you manage to be able to reduce your prednisolone next week. Only when I take 30mg do I get any relief- this time though, it's taking longer to kick in- I also took etoricoxib -albeit a reduced dose- last time though.

  • I understand about your work situation. It must be really difficult. Does your Rheumy know your work situation ?

    Years ago I was working full time Nursing. I was forced into retiring due to the arthritis. They found me a job at another hospital part time doing reception work. That was a difficult time. I was gutted. Fortunately I was living at home at the time. Since then I got a mortgage and I do manage on part time work not easy though at times.

    I take naproxen it does help but not as good as voltarol.

    Do hope you go on ok speak to HR too.

  • Thanks moomie, my work have been really good to me so far. It's me who said I should be able to go back full-time in September. I've just gone downhill since I said it! I fully expected to not still be flaring! !

    Naproxen doesn't go anywhere near anymore for me...oh well onwards and upwards😊

  • Pleased work are on your side. Like me my brain thinks and wants to do things but body doesn't comply 😊

  • Hi

    I'm a nurse but not hands on any more. I reduced my hours from 37.5 to 22.5 2 months ago following a bad time.

    I feel better for it but continue to get very tired and fatigued at times.

    Hope you feel better soon

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