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"Query" from the DWP ???

I've had a letter asking me in for an interview about my benefits, regarding a query about them... the DWP state on the letter that they will not discuss anything prior to the interview... I am currently on DLA and ESA with a doctors certificate to state that I am not to work (runs out in April and assured to get another one)... has anyone else had this,,, if so what should I expect??

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Well you will have to go. See your doctor and see what he can put together for you. I can't tell not to worry.

take care ,sylvi.xx


thanks Sylvi, much appreciated.. I'll try not to. xxx



This sounds like it's a formal interview and could be for a number of reasons.

What type of ESA contributions or income related? There may have been an error as to which group you were placed.

Does your partner work? If you claim income related you may not be entitled to ESA or some of the premiums attached to it.

Which group are you in, work related or support? It could be a back to work interview, sicknotes make no difference these days.

Are you getting all the benefits your entitled to? Could be a benefit check

Have you ever reported lost benefit or lost your purse? They once called me in after my bag with benefit books was stolen and the thief tried to change payment office.

Or, more seriously someone could have informed them your not as sick as you claim and they want to question you about that.

This is all guesswork, there are so many reasons the DWP call someone in for interview, until you get there you have no way of knowing, but it might be worth while making an appointment at your local CAB to discuss possible reasons with them.

There's no point me telling you not to worry as I'd be worried too.

Good luck

Beth xx


thanks Beth, I am hoping it's something simple like that and not that one of the spiteful people that live around here making trouble for me... I have told the truth about how much this disease affects me and all about my home life, but I think I am still in the 13 week time frame so maybe that's what the interview is about.


Then you have nothing to worry about.

Once you arrive and inform them your there they'll call you into an interview room, at that point they'll ask you a few questions to confirm identity. They'll either continue asking questions about your claim/circumstances or tell you why your there.

Also, if your still in the 13 wk assessment period, sometime after 13 wks they'll send you a form to fill in, they'll make a decision based on the information you put in the form and any additional information you send with it (if you have any doctors letters send copies of them with the form).... Or, they might invite you in for an ATOS medical it's after this medical they decide if you go into the 'Work Related Activity Group' or 'Support Group'.

The work related activity group only means you have to go to 6 interviews at Jobcentre to discuss benefits and any aid/support or training you might need to get back in the work place after 6-12 mths you'll probably be reassessed and it all starts again!

Hope all this helps put your mind at ease. xxx


i had an interview about ESA and it was just to see if i was able to carry on working as i kept getting sick notes ... they want to know the extent of your illness .. but dont worry its normal within a 13 week period ... i was awarded income related ESA ... then you go back each year to get reacessed

debs x


thanks for that Debs... let's hope so, there are a lot of spiteful people round here and I was worried that someone is making trouble fr me


Hi Panoochie, the DWP is calling in a lot of people at present about their ESA - it will almost certainly be to see if you are fit for work. What is called a work related interview.

Once you get their formal response after the interview, it will either let you continue on ESA or say you are fit for work. If that is the case, you can ask for written reasons for their decision, ask them to look at it again (that's where medical reports from GP etc are very useful) and if the worst comes to the worst, you can appeal it to the Tribunal. You will have 28 days from the date of the decision letter to ask for the reasons and to ask them to review the decision.

If running into those sort of problems, contact your local CAB office who will help.

Hopefully, it is nothing of the sort and your ESA will continue as will the DLA.

Let us know how you get on. LavendarLady x


Thanks Lady, you've all put my mind at rest somewhat... I'm very grateful to you all xxx



I work at DWP (not ESA) but i know that most people have an interview within the first 13 weeks of a claim.I'm afraid that the fraud line does have a lot of malicious calls that have to be checked but as you say your perfectly entitled to claim so don't let the ******* get you down.

Julie xx


thanks Julie, I have been getting DLA for ages as I was on ssp for 26 weeks but when that ran out I applied for ESA and was awarded it (contribution based). as my doctor thought I shouldn't go back to work. will it help if I go and see my GP to get another letter to take to the interview outlining my disability. the DWP has had letters from both my doctor and my rheumy listing my problems.. It's strange that since the letter came this morning my symptoms have worsened, I'm sure its the stress and worry. what a nightmare :(


Unless they've asked for additional info you won't need to take any other documents with you.I know it's hard but stress does make you worse,so try and relax,all the disability advisers at my jobcentre are fab and very kind

Good luck and let us know how you get on



they have asked for all my bank statements for the last three months... and my tenancy agreement ( which my lodger is not on for obvious reasons) other than that nothing more


thanks Julie xxx


i just read this on the gov site i suppose you have to,?? it sounds like its just route en


The assessment phase

The assessment phase lasts for the first 13 weeks of your claim. This is while a decision is made on your capability for work through the Work Capability Assessment. During this phase, Employment and Support Allowance is paid at a basic rate.

The main phase

The main phase starts from week 14 of your claim. If the Work Capability Assessment shows that your illness or disability does limit your ability to work. During this phase, an additional amount (called a component) is paid on top of the basic rate

There are two groups within the main phase:

Work-Related Activity Group

If you are placed in the Work-Related Activity Group, you will be expected to take part in work-focused interviews with your personal adviser. You will get support to help you prepare for suitable work.

In return, you will receive a work-related activity component in addition to your basic rate.

Customers are not required to attend the Work-Focused Interview (WFI) until it’s been confirmed that they’ve been placed in the Work-Related Activity Group.

Support Group

If your illness or disability has a severe effect on your ability to work, you won't be expected to work. But, you can work on a voluntary basis if you want to.

You will receive a support component in addition to your basic rate.


thanks Roger, much appreciated.


I cant imagine how much you will be worrying now youve received this letter,

please try not too worry to much easier said than done but we all know how stress flares our ra!

take care and keep us updated xx will be thinking of you x


thanks RA.... I have never had such a big flare as I have now,,, I know the DWP have to do their job and call people in but it's so worrying as I know there are some spiteful people around here that just love to stir things up...I will go to the interview and be truthful, that's all I can do...I have nothing to hide.. thanks to everyone for all your messages and support xxxx


take care hun, I know what you mean about spitefull people, when neighbours etc have asked me If Ive claimed DLA etc Ive told them no and I wont be doing, but I have I just feel its none off there business, and worry like you that people get jealous and spitefull so Ive just not told them!

shouldnt have to lie but then again who gives them the right to know my business I dont ask them there personal money matters!

take care hun and just ignore the hatters they are jealous! wish we could give them ra for ten minutes they would soon see why we claim!!


Does the letter say "Compliance Team " on it ?

If so , and you are being totally truthful ..then it is possibly only a random error checking exercise .

I suspect this is the case since they have stated that you cannot find anything more about the interview from them , and this is standard with regard compliance teams from both DWP and HMRC (Tax Credits).

Rich :)


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