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Hi All several months back I told everyone that I was changing Rheumies because of his attitude and behaviour I would try and get another one well easier said than done still not heard back from the hospitals I tried, Fran reckons we should keep our 4th Dec appointment with him and use it to our advantage, We go in armed with a list of what we know and what we want, or how we get it, and who we see to get it no excuses, even if it means meeting his senior consultants, Fran reckons taking notes will ruffle him and has agreed for me to take the lead till I get annoyed with him which I will the she will take over, We will be seeking help from yourselves about the drugs that is out there and being used on others with the same illnesses as myself I cannot accept that there is no medication for RA sufferers who have IPF as well, If they can control our RA we have a life left, (Looking forward to the meeting now I bet you all want to be a fly on the wall) Matt/Fran

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  • Matt record the appointment so when it is over and you are not happy,then go to p.a.l.s and complain.Thats the best advice i can give you.There will be others who are better placed than me to advise you on drugs.Please keep me informed Matt and my love to your lovely

  • Hi Sylvi, Sorry for my late reply Fran taking notes will be enough recording situations like this is tricky ground Data Protection and all that, will keep you updated. Keep Well Matt/Fran

  • I agree Matt. Best not to literally record any conversations, but it can be very helpful to have someone to make notes for you in an appointment and to have a second pair of ears. Also, sometimes when you have someone else on your side of the table you seem to get a better response from the consultant than when you're on your own. Hope the appointment goes well!

  • Hi Matt, hope it goes well at the appointment your plan sounds like a good idea, sorry to hear you haven't been able to change rheumys, keep pushing for it.

    I was lucky I just went to my GP said I wasn't happy at Colchester hospital and requested a transfer to Ipswich it all happened very quickly, just a few weeks.

    Jen x

  • Hi Jen, Thank You. Matt/Fran

  • Well I might remember to think of you as it's my birthday that day !

    Why don't you just tell him what you have said above and ask him to arrange another consultant for you ! Might give him the kick in the pants he needs ? Or spur him into action ? Think plain talking time is needed now,, he might not even be aware of how you feel?

  • Matt you and Fran seem to have things worked out between you. Think Sylvia has a good idea record the consultation. Will be thinking of you on 4 Dec xxx.

  • Good luck Matt I hope you find some suitable treatment. :). Be careful about advice given about recording conversations though, I think you need to let them you're doing it, but that may go in favour anyhow ?? Best wishes xxx

  • Hi Matt, I agree with Amanda. You would be on very dodgy ground by recording the consultation, unless you have permission to record it, of course. I would just get Fran to take notes of what is said then if you are happy at the outcome, you could always send a letter to the consultant detailing what was discussed. He would then find it difficult in future to go back on what was agreed by you all. Clemmie

  • I so feel for you matt,,,i,m having terrible trouble with my hips,,was ok before as diclofenic tablets seemed to keep me fairly pain free, but since the rhumy put me on hydroxy my doc stopped the diclofenic,,i have palindromic(think thats right) rhumatoid so get the terrible pains and stiffness but not the redness and swelling,,just walking through town yesterday i could have sat and cried, i felt like i was just forcing my hips to work,,so today i have a roaring coal fire going and am just resting,,hope you find a solution soon,,xx

  • Hi Chrissie Sounds if your having a rough time also heat is also good for me, Matt

  • Wish I lived closer to you - I'd be borrowing Fran myself!

    Sounds like a plan to me. Good luck

  • Hi Witch, Sounds like another money making plan for me, All expenses of course.Matt

  • Hi Matt I wrote to the Director of the unit and told him how I felt about my treatment. It seemed to have worked. I got a different Registrar who then got the Director to come in to the appointment after initially consulting with me. Good luck and yes stick to your guns, we can be assertive without being aggressive and get our point across.

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