Breathing Tests Went Well. Mattcass

Hi All, Everything was better than OK my tests showed I have clawed some Lung space back on my own not a lot but better than the other way round, The respiratory nurse was excellent she could see I was struggling with my RA and the trapped nerve and tried to make thing easier for me the only long and painful part was the gas transfer part my mouthpiece kept letting in air as my Jaw was so sore from my RA, But the other good news is I have lost 9 lbs in two weeks with the help and support of you all RA has eased off for now so back in the gym for some gentle exercises, Again Thx for all your replies. Matt/Fran

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  • I'm smiling maryx. Merry Christmas to you and I pray you have an easier New Year.maryxxx

  • Hi Mary Thank You and the same to you.Matt/Fran

  • Yes! Well done you! You must have been a good boy to manage those tests, they are exhausting aren't they! Xx

  • Hi A, I had no medication since Weds night and the longest two hours and I was getting crabbit. But fighting fit today.Hugs and love Matt

  • Hi Debbs Thank You Again. Matt

  • This is excellent news Matt, so pleased for you. Really hope you manage to have a brilliant Xmas & new Year. xxx :)

  • Hi Luthien Thank You so much and the same to you.Matt/Fran

  • Well done on your weightloss Matt and also it's great that you've done so well on the lung front. I'm so pleased for you and Fran! Clemmie

  • Hi Clemmie Thank You Very Much.Matt/Fran

  • Matt well done on your weight loss and on your lung capacity.Let me know the secret you are using to lose weight

  • Hi silvi, Thank You very much, Missing out every second main meal not picking at night, And being in Pain is Helping Lots.And how are you keeping, Matt

  • I don't pick at night Matt as i am usually in bed. Not good at the moment,in a lot of pain in my hands and joints.I am seeing my rheumy nurse next week so we will see what they have to say.xxxxx

  • Well done matt,lets hope onwards & upwards xx

  • Hi Caza, Thank You. Matt

  • Well done, Matt! You have accomplished alot in a short time, good for you! That much weight loss is commendable, can't beat that!! Good luck as you go on to the next step. Getting through the breathing tests is exhausting! All the best to you and Fran :)

  • Hi Lorann, Thank You Very Much,Matt

  • Well done you.So pleased for you on your breathing tests your amazing with what you have achieve.xx

  • Hi miss Thank You Very Much.Matt

  • Well done to you........ I'll keep sending you a warm" scottish hug" it's having a good effect.

    Champion does good


  • Hi MC, Good to see your improving lung space and losing weight too, sorry I've not been around for a while but my eye has been giving me some trouble and computer screens have been painful to look at.

    I'm not breaking any records at the moment although I feel a six minute walk attempt coming up next week at my 3 monthly lung transplant check up. Last time I managed a new record of 495 meters so surely 500 must be on the cards next Tuesday, Come on Dall!!! its got to be possible

    I hope your Arthritis gives you a break for Christmas and the New Year, Good wishes to you and Fran.


  • Well done Matt that's good news so pleased things a little better for you

    Jen x

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