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GP Thinks I Wont Cope With Transplant? Mattcass

Hi all, My new company requested a medical report which I totally understand I have been upfront with them about my illnesses in fact we did discuss transplant and they thought it was great I could talk about it with ease, I did ask my GP secretary for me to see a copy before it was sent out and was a bit shocked to find out my GP telling them he thought I would have difficulty coping with a transplant when and If it happens, His prognosis is 90% spot on he goes on about how I struggled at the beginning when the RA affected my Lungs and the severe pain that goes with it, Then I refused the offer of stronger medication and then I started the long struggle back and through a lot of help and sheer determination got myself back to work and says this achievement was in his words, Amazing. Then to turn round and say I would not cope with the transplant I was so disappointed , We spoke of this in a big way before me and Fran went to the big meeting in Edinburgh in June in fact Fran said she thought I was so upfront and confident with the transplant team I looked at the good and bad possible outcomes and they were impressed with my attitude, and even my own chest doc remarked that he knew that I was in the right frame of mind that day because I was so disappointed that the transplant was put on hold, I think I have never been in a more positive frame of mind or is it just me looking to much into this. And i am so confident that it will be put on hold again, Matt/Fran

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Hang On a minute, your GP told your new company you wouldn't cope with a transplant, physically or mentally? How did he come to this decision ? Does this influence the transplant team or your new boss ? Does he realise u see the report ? And the consequences of this , did anyone tell you this information before?

I would be booking an appointment to find out how he came to that conclusion all on his own!!

Doh , well a bit of discussion is needed here but maybe he just wrote it wrong or just doesn't get you! And then u can also discuss with ur new employers that u are a marvel getting even back to work in the first place, and if ur are not fit for treatment the least they could do is be honest with you, if that's true! Most people who need transplants tend to be sick , would u believe , or they wouldn't be having a transplant. Jeez Matt , fuming on your behalf. ! They need to give you real information and let you know properly where you stand , sending hugs to you and Fran xx


Hi Axx How are you today a wee bit pain free I hope your not having a very good time either are you. I was wondering why my GP phoned me on the Friday at 7pm right out of the ordinary believe me with my x-ray results and could me and Fran make an appointment next week to discuss this. Why not it will give me a chance to have my say, it's a known fact that a direct positive attitude is as good as any pill. Marcus Webley M.D. Matt


Hi A, I have just heard that the new company are not employing me on medical grounds.Matt


I agree. It would be good to have a conversation with the GP. You know how you feel better than anyone, and as Allanah says, they don't do transplants on the fit and well.

I suppose the anti-rejection drugs have been explained. No one goes into this without thorough research and weighing up the pros and cons. Most of us with RA know far more about our disease than any "general practitioner" could ever know! Feel a rant about my GP coming on. LOL!

So yes, go and politely "have it out with him"!


Hi Phoebe thank You. And as you say go forth and have it out with him might even ask him for a Job.Matt


Awful news about the job, u know what Matt, and don't get angry cos this WILL help! Phone social services today and ask them for an adult social worker with disability experience to visit you urgently.

Why, cos they can intervene and call meetings on your behalf with consultants, work, social services, a as etc and help you either, get to work or will help you apply for any benefit you are entitled too. They can also find out why you can't work or have a transplant?

I would consider doing this ASAP, u I think would now be " vulnerable?" And need their help and it would save u a million phone calls and assessments? phone and find out. Hugs Axx


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