Rheumy Doc fights Storm getting to work and finds Me and Hurricane (FRAN) waiting for him, Mattcass

I see my Rheumy Doc today and for the first time in 4 visits I have visible proof of my RA I don't know if I have the strength to get there I'm going to need help from Mark and Fran 7 days of solid flare ups is taking it's toll my hands and wrists are constant 24/7 agony my hip knees and feet are not much better, I really cant afford not to go it will show i need some other means of treatment, I might not win the war but we will win this battle. Matt/Fran

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  • Good luck, be strong !

  • Good luck Matt and have a safe journey :)

  • Hope it all goes well Matt x

  • Good luck, Matt. Hope you get some answers/treatment.

    Dotty xx

  • Safe journey. Good luck with your appointment. Love Alison x

  • Good luck matt, we are on your side in droves........

  • I hope you won the battle with Fran by your side no doubt you did. Take care and I hope your aches and pains are not too bad after the jaunt. xxx

  • Hi Matt truly hope you got a result today.Been thinking of you seen what has been happening up your end of country xx

  • How did you get on Matt. Is the weather really bad your way?

  • Hope everything went ok

    Jen x

  • Hi Matt, hope things have worked out for you. Keep us informed, thinking of You & Fran. Rie x

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