Rheumy Visit Part 2 .MATTCASS

Right my time to take over I said to him he got the letter part all wrong the meds discussed with the Rheumy nurse was in fact Hydroxy not Salfsalizine in fact his letter state no meds will be given for my RA until I saw the transplant team in Edinburgh on the 10th June and they gave the go ahead only for Hydroxy and no others as they could do me more harm than good this sort of thing sticks in your mind, he said there is always some sort of give and take when someone has both illnesses, All the time I was speaking he just looked at his Pc I told him there was no way I would take the Salfasalazine without discussing it with my chest consultant first, I sat there telling him he was wrong he was so wrong and still he would not acknowledge me, What if any lesser person just took his word for it and took it could have had tragic consequences, Then he prints of a slip of paper and says I will see you in 4 months and make an appointment on the way out, The minute we got out of the room Fran says what was that all about if he has personal problems he should leave them at the door on the way into work, Then as we are leaving the hospital grounds the Rheumy Nurse shouts us back telling us the consultant what to take blood I looked at the nurse and said tell him I have had 4 blood tests done in the last 4 weeks and if he keeps staring into his monitor he will eventually see this, you could see she wanted to say something poor girl I thanked her then said no thanks, Fran said I should E-mail him and ask him to explain himself for his behaviour or meet you so you can tell him what course of action you want to take, we have all been there bad days good days I wont take it any further unless he ignores my E-mail or my letter which I have already done I always believe someone should be given a second chance, As I said at the beginning the first 2 visits were excellent I even posted and praised him for being so professional and caring. Mattcass

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I remember your post re your first visits and how pleased you were. This is unacceptable behavior on his part, and downright rude. You should, irrespective of his reply, get in touch with PALS at the hospital. No one should have to put up with this.

All the best



Definitely agree with Carolyn matter what, you as a patient should not have to experience this type of really is unacceptable.

I hope you are OK....hugs xxx


Sounds like you literally have a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde on your hands. It's bad enough having to deal with the inconsistencies and randomness of the disease without us having to cope with inconsistent behaviour and advice from the "professionals"


It's a shocking tale Mattcass and reminds me a great deal of Wooly's recent experience too as she has said in your part 1 post. I've had this kind of behaviour once myself from a GP many years ago and it was dreadful. I am so glad he has now left - and he's a big cheese in Edinburgh now I gather! I regretted not complaining but its hard to do in a small place like Orkney.

The only thing that explained it was that his wife had just run off with another man I later discovered. If he had later apologised to me then I would have accepted it but I was pregnant and it meant that I had to just take pot luck with whichever doctor was on duty so I felt Icouldn't do much. I knew about the wife and it all made sense but as Fran rightly says these people should leave their problems out of things and be professional. They are certainly paid well enough and it makes no sense at all that he would treat you like this after being so good twice and with your having these serious complications with your lungs. Baffled and very sorry for you. Tilda xx


I would still complain as there is no excuse for rudeness. This is what happens when departments don't talk to each other. This makes my blood


Good for you in standing your ground and stating where he was wrong, extremely hard to do when the doctor is rude and dismissive.

One of my appointments with my reasonably good consultant was the same, appointments prior to that were very helpful but that morning, she was rude and condemning I was not expecting the attitude so just sat there and said very little but felt a waste of space and that it was all my fault that the drugs didn't work. Since then I have been wary and always go in now with a written list and a bit of an attitude.


I think it would help future patients if you made a complaint. That consultant could cause real distress to someone sooner or later.

Or write to your MP?


You must complain! I had a similar experience and was left feeling devastated! I complained and I am glad to say I now see a different consultant and he almost apologised for the other consultants behaviour! I don't care what their issues are this condition not only devastated my body but my confidence and self worth so the last thing a RA patient needs is a consultant who treats you with such disrespect.. I have to say that taking control and letting him know that he could not treat me like this made me feel loads better!



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