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I’m on holiday next week the 3 of us are going to sit down relax and talk about the future work included maybe cut my hours, And then think what’s the best way to deal with my RA the first thing I have done is to increase my steroids as my Rheumy Doc is hell bent on getting me down to 5mgs that’s not going to happen I have been through the worst 4 weeks in my life and that’s was me on 15mgs, I have already sent a request to the hospital that deals with my lungs asking to transferred to their Rheumy Department if possible but I believe he works out of several hospitals, Only one of his team that did see what was happening was a physiotherapist joint with my Chest Clinic who was nearly in tears one day when she could see I was in severe pain she had to follow protocol which was to send me home (knowing the Rheumatoid Clinic was on upstairs) and then for me to contact my GP and ask him to refer me back to the Rheumatology Emergency Clinic we both knew this was pointless because I would sit in a tray till an appointment arose. Which in that case went ignored anyway all I received was my 4 monthly appointments two weeks after.

I have not been on H/U pages much over the 4 weeks but I am on holiday next week so all I need is my fingers straightened and my nails manicured for the keyboard, hope you all have a pain free weekend, Were off the football and a few pints of GUINNESS, MATT/FRAN

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  • Hey Matt, every thing u have said sounds so sensible and I don't want to influence your mind but the best thing I managed was stopping work . The lack of stress and not going in when dick was worth the loss of money ! Honest! Then buy an iPad or something with Siri, u just talk and it types for you! Have a great rest and congratulations on your decisions , stay strong hugs to Fran xxxxx

  • Agree totally it was the best decision I made as well, have not looked back since leaving. You will have such a better quality of life, stress free and being able to rest or do things when you want to and not when you have to. xxx

  • Good luck Matt.....enjoy your holiday of all of you....and the guiness!! xxx

  • Hi Matt enjoy your hols and those guiness xxxx

  • Have a good break and enjoy the footie. I agree with the others who have said that their health has improved since they have given up work I'm in that category too.

    Best of luck,

    Dotty xx

  • Aw Matt, I have to say I have been there, done that, corny as it sounds. I don't even want to read any other comments till I can say mine

    I know, now, that I worked atleast 8 more years than I should have. I worked in a hospital Laboratory, therefore was on my feet 3/4s of the day. The rest was at a microscope. My feet and back were the original victims! Had the firs spine surgery for spinal stenosist at the age of 46. The Psoriatic arthritis was causing an overgrowth of bone cell, much as Psoriasis does on skin cells, inside the spinal canal, causing compression on the spinal cord and nerves as they exit the canal through the vertebrae joints. I returned to work after 3 of those surgeries, each one done with fusions, some bone taken from the hip or pelvic bone, some from the tibia, fortified with titanium rods, nuts and screws and plates, BUT, I was never treated for PsA like it is now, as with RA. Because they did't know..even though I had had Psoriasis since the age of 2!

    The day my employment ended was the day I realized, at work, that my foot hurt and shoe felt tight. Took it off to look, discovered a very red and swollen foot, now throbbing like a toothache. Couple of my buddies took me va wheechair to the emergency room. The docs admitted me and called my Internist. who then called in the Rheumy. I never went back to work. It was 10 yrs after my oldest sdon had graduated high school, wehad bught a big house just 6 years before then, with4 sons all in high school at same time, there was never any ideal time to just retire. One of them became a doctor, an MD in Family Practice. They all have differen careers. :)

    The thing is, despite minimal treatment, the disease progresses. You are on minimal! Not familiar with your drug situation enough, but steroids are not the long term answer. They will create endocrine probs, namely diabetes, and some kidney diseases.

    I suggest you talk to your Rheumy and urge him to get you on a Biologic. The disease sounds like it is progressing. I am so sorry.

    As desparate as it is to think of not working, it will eventually save your life. Hey, look at me...I was 55 yrs old when I had to claim disability. I'm 75, not much I can't do, actually I stay pretty busy, as the alternative is to end up in a wheelchair in a nursing home. No way, not going there!

    You could have a hobby that could bring in money. Like photography...offer to do weddings, Reunions, Birthday Parties, whatever. Grow flowers and veggies from seed and sell them to impatient gardeners :)

    Just some thoughts to leave you with. But first, enjoy the days away, especially the Guinesses.

    Loret aka Loran

  • Hi Lora

  • Lora Don't know what I did with the first post, but thank you for your reply,The reason the RA is progression is because there is no treatment for me because of my Lungs so steroids are a long term of meds for me.

  • Lora Don't know what I did with the first post, but thank you for your reply,The reason the RA is progression is because there is no treatment for me because of my Lungs so steroids are a long term of meds for me.

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