I'm Pain Free on Diclofenic, Mattcass

Hi All ,my 3rd day back on Diclofenic and I am totally pain free from my RA attacks, Shingles are a walk in the park compared to what I've been through recently, I told Fran even if there are complications with Diclofenic long term I don't care unless they have an alternative for me if the hydroxy does not work I will stay on Diclofenic, They cant tell me if the RA will attack my lungs again so why sit and wait for it in pain that's not for me, still going back too work Sept. have a great weekend all. Matt

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  • Oh Matt I am so, so pleased for you! I also saw that things were getting a bit more sorted re the discussions with various docs and I really hope things continue to get better for you and that the shingles improves very soon.

    Hope you are able to enjoy your weekend too after all the recent awfulness.


  • Hi Tilly Thank You, Matt

  • That is brilliant Matt...so pleased for you ..long may it last


  • Hi Kate thank you, Day 4 and still pain free.matt

  • Wonderful x

  • It's a strange set of affairs Matt, I remember telling my GP as he handed me antiviral s last year that the RA pain was worse than the shingles pain, which astounded him!

    Can't believe you are going back to work soon, you are an inspiration xxx

  • Hi allanah thank you, Day 4 and still pain free shingles dragging me down but not much pain.Matt

  • Fandabbiedozie! Lol

  • So great to hear you are paid free....and lets hope those shingles disappear quickly! Enjoy the weekend. xxx

  • Matt i am so pleased your getting some relive from the ra.I was on them,here is a word of warning as i don't want to rain on your parade, i ended up in hospital with diverticulitis. That was just me and i hope you don't have it. Never mind that Matt i am so pleased that you have some relieve now.

    Ps,that is a side effect of the drugs,sorry i forgot that part.xxxxx

  • Hi sylvi,thank you, day 4 and still pain free. shingles are dragging me down but not much pain.mattcass

  • Shingles is no fun matt,not that i have had them i worked with someone who had them.. Hope you soon feel better.xx

  • So very glad to hear that Diclofenac is working well for you, Matt. It seems a very quick turnaround for you so that is great. It is strange isn't it, Diclofenac only took the edge off my OA pain and RA pain/inflammation at three x 50mgs daily. I was just about to ask to try something else when I was told by my GP to come off them and go on Naproxen, and the jury is still out for those. My new biologic has got to get the disease activity down. If it wasn't for Fentanyl patches I wouldn't be out of the house. They don't work miracles but they take a bit more than the edge off the pain but don't take it away.

    Good luck to you and to you all if I am not back here for a while. I have started Humira this week and had such a heavy schedule if medical and dental and physio appointments and more to come I am shattered.

  • Hi Neonkitty, Thank you for your reply, And I hope your treatment and appointments go to plan and you get a rest at the end of them.mattcass

  • Thank you, Matt. I will be bsck when I've had a rest ... Well ... Lots of physio! .. but that is working well for me so that's something. It's slow but going well. Anyhow glad Diclofenac is helping so much! Speak again soon. ;-)

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