Now I'm sure Fran is Physic, Fran is the manager of a sheltered complex for the elderly where we live and have a ground floor flat and her office is next to the flat, so when she leaves her office I know what way she is heading and it gives me a chance to go the other way and I can do a bit more on my mobility and lung exercise's without hearing that's enough for now, well the last couple of days I have been venturing up the second flight of stairs hoping no one will see me and tell Fran, this morning I heard Fran leaving her office in the opposite direction of the stairs towards the lift which Fran never ever uses which means it's ok for me to go, Well just as I turn the last corner at the top of the stairs you will never Guess who is standing there looking down at me with a face of fizz, ( scary sight ) and were do you think your going, and me looking back 62 years old and standing there with a petted lip and thinking how did she know so I said who told you about the stairs Fran said over the 4 weeks I have watched and listened to you as well as timing you walking the length of the corridor and climbing one flight of stairs then all of a sudden it takes you 10 minutes longer it's no rocket science is it, Now sitting here really worried thinking about the punishment that's coming my way, Think I will make her a nice lunch might soften the blow for me, MATTCASS.

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  • What a lovely blog. Of those who know us well and really love us.

  • Good blog,someone has to keep you in order!!!! xxx

  • Lovely blog sounds like your card is marked !!!!!!!!!!x

  • Hahahahaaa........pure love!!.....bless her...

  • I could well imagine both faces, yes a nice lunch is on the cards, along with her favourite chocolates/sweets. Made you feel a young lad again no doubt.

  • I love the mental picture of her standing over you staring down like a stern headmistress. Busted!!! How wonderful to have someone that knows and cares for you so well. x

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