So I have a tear in one of the meniscal Cartlidges

Received a letter yesterday with results of my recent MR scan.they show a cartlidge tear in my L. Knee as well as marked inflammation in many tendons. I am on week 5 of methotrexate for seronegative inflammatory arthritis but nothing was said about treatment for the tear. I can't bend this knee properly and have so much more pain n swelling in this one than the other which is why the scan was arranged. I haven't done anything strenuous to cause this so wondered is it normal with RA to get this

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  • I don't know but if you call the GP or Rheumy helpline when they open again. But sounds like ouch xxx

  • Thanks Allanah, yeah that's the plan x

  • Hi ChelleD

    I agree with Allanah, call rheumy team or gp and ask what was said in your clinic letter about your knee. Could be that they are referring you to the relevant dept for it but forgot to tell you. Xx

  • I've had meniscus tears in both knees was told it's due to the oa that my cartlidge has broken down so it can tear the meniscus my right knee is the same as yours I'm waiting in MRI again hope u get some relief x

  • thanks Deejojo you too. the pain in the knee with the tear is so painful that i cant really assess how my arthritis is doing.

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