Hospital Appointment Today

Well i am back from the hospital,and things are happening for a change.I am seeing the consultant who told me i had Fibro as my consultant whats another set of eyes on me. I am having nerve tests as my hands keep going numb.On Saturday i am back down the hospital for injections in my shoulders and elbow. He has also put me back on steroids and he has upped my pregablin to 300mg a day.My steroids are 71/2mgs for a week then 5mgs for three weeks and he is writing to my doctor to increase my patches to 10mgs.

So hopefully by christmas i should feel better than i am now. I wish you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year.Also a pain free time as well.xxxxxx

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  • I'm so pleased for you but like me what a time to be put on steroids with all that yummy stuff around...hope you have respite soon. Maryx

  • I was told to come off them by my consultant now he has put me back on them.I am already overweight so a few steroids are not going to make a

  • Hopefully you get some respite from all that pain. My heart felt sympathy to you.

    On a brighter note hope you all enjoy Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Sending you loads of hugs.


  • The same to you Chris.xxxxx

  • It must be such a relief for you to have some action at last sylvi. Here's to a pain free Christmas for you. (Or at least reduced pain) xxx

  • And for all of us

  • So so pleased for you that something is actually being done for you sweetie. So hope christmas will be less painful for you.

    A very happy christmas and new year to you and your family and all the lovely people that are on this site xxx

  • And to you my friend.XXXXX

  • Hi Sylvia hope you start feeling better....what tests do they do for nerve tests and what are the symptoms you suffer from fibro??? Take care big hugs Nicola :-)

  • Nicola i don't know what they are going to do,but when i have them i will let you know.Fibro is pain all over the body. It is constant as well and it can wear you down. Do you think you have it, xxxx

  • I have something going on but not quite sure. Fibro has been mentioned but not a certain yet...I have a lot of pins and needle sharp stabbing pain all over body...which at times can be painful and wears me down...not sure if this is the nerve of luck and keep me informed how you get on...big hugs Nicola xxx

  • If it is fibro the best way of explaining is that there is a switch in your brain that switches on and off and your nerve endings seem to be on all the time hence the pain.Does this help you

  • Hi Sylvia Good way of explaining it thanks Nicola :-)

  • Your welcome,does it apply to you

  • It does some days worse than others....very uncomfortable and some nights in bed overheating for me makes it a lot worse. Sleepless restless nights. :( xxx

  • I know how that feels,my head sweats like i don't know what that feels like. I never seem

  • We have a lot to put up with Sylvia. My husband came along to my appointment today and he couldn't believe the size of the gold injection needle I had in my bottom. The nurse asked him if he was ok...I had to laugh...when we came out he said he didn't realise what we have to go through....:-)

  • Thats where i am lucky as my hubby comes to all my appointments,so he has a good idea what i am going through. Though he doesn't have my pain which i think is a good thing really as i don't think he could cope. xxxx

  • Ahh I know hubby called me brave...I'm please he came along as support and understanding makes a huge help to see what we have to go through...big hugs :-)

  • It's good to hear that they are getting things done and hope you have a painfree & merry Christmas too. I've had nerve tests and was worried about them beforehand but it wasn't as bad as I'd feared. Take care x

  • Francherry, i have been through worse so i am not too worried about it,but i would be interested in the procedure is though.Merry christmas to you as

  • Hi Sylvi, not much to worry about re. Nerve tests, I had them before my carpal tunnel surgeries, sort of electrical impulse testing, bit like tens machine, with all the pain you are currently suffering you will find the tests a breeze by comparison!

    Hope you can find some kind of relief with steroids etc., and that you and your family enjoy a wonderful Christmas, lynda xx

  • Lynda thank you for giving me an insight to what i will expect,but as you say i am in so much pain it will be a breeze. You have a lovely and painfree Christmas as

  • I hope so thank

  • Hi Silvi, Glad things are moving ahead slow but happening, Me and Fran wish you all the best for Xmas and a painfree New Year, Big Hug to you,Matt/Fran

  • Glad to hear things are being looked into for you, wishing you a pain free Christmas

    Jen x

  • I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart.It is very hard still for me,but at least i am being listened to which i think for all of us is a big thing.Someone who says to you we will get to the bottom of this is everything. So thank you all very much and i wish you all a painfree and happy christmas from me and my family.xxxxxx

  • Oh dear Sylvi, I do hope the steroids kick in quickly so you can have a comfortable Christmas. Hopefully the nerve test will turn up the cause of your numb hands - somehow it always seems worse to bear when you don't have a firm diagnosis doesn't it? Silly really as the symptoms are the same no matter what but the old brain does like to turn up the worst possible scenario! Just a thought but have the medics considered carpal tunnel? I get it from time to time and when I was pregnant with my eldest my hands sometimes felt like useless frilly things on the end of my arms :) Take care my lovely xx

  • It just goes from bad to worse for me,but at least the consultant is on my case anyway. xxxxx

  • Hope everything kicks in before Christmas and then you can really enjoy the festivities. Take care of yourself Sylvie. X

  • Thank you much,tomorrow we will see what happens all those pricks(needles) and i hope like you that they work.xxxx

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