Just can't get out of bed :(

Just has bone surgery in my foot and had my pins out last week. Due to start Rituximab next Monday but I just feel so exhausted :( I constantly yawn in my lessons at college, and have to use everything I've got to keep my eyes open, and have woken up this morning even worse :/ Just really hard because I know I have to go to college no matter how bad I am feeling because I'll just get more and more behind :s It's so frustrating especially knowing that there is nothing anyone can do about it. Sorry - just needed to say it instead of keeping it inside. Hope everyone is having a good morning! x

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Thank you, just had to know what to do sometimes! x


Thinking of you and hope you start to feel better soon. You've been through a lot so I guess feeling the way you do bless its very hard for you. Is there someone at college you could explain to about how your feeling with missing out with work and sort something out for you until you start feeling better hopefully when you start your medication you pick up sending you big hugs tc and let me know how you get on its always nice to talk to people who understand Nicola xxx


Thank you Nicola,

Yes my teachers do understand I just feel guilty somehow because it's always me that's not there! I'm already redoing my A-Levels because of being poorly with things like pneumonia during my first run so I just feel desperate to be there because I want to do well so badly!! :)

It's really helped joining here and talking to people who understand :) it's a great thing and everyone is so helpful, understanding and supportive :) xxx



You have just had an operation on your foot, you are going on -TNF medication next Monday so you are most probably on other medications

Generally many people with RA can have feelings of exhaustion and you have just had an operation so your body will have really gone through the mill.

If you are suffering these feelings you will need to put your mind to rest so if needed confirm with your GP, Do not worry about the medications you are going to take they will keep an eye on you and possibly you will feel much better

Good Luck



Thank you - I just hope it works :)


I felt so sad reading your story! It must be so hard for young people to cope with this dreadful disease, it's bad enough for us old folks but at least we have had some years without the pain. I do hope you have good pain meds that help. Good luck! Anne


I admire your courage and perseverence - it will get you through I feel sure. I hope very much that the Rituximab proves to be the wonder drug for you as it has been for several others I know of. Tilda x


I just like to think that this is my lot now and that I might even go into remission some time soon! I am mainly just given co-codomol which usually does the trick but doesn't take the edge off the tiredness etc! Thank you :)


I read on the arthritis uk site that omega3 helps, and I take buckets of it. (7 capsules a day) I feel it helps but as you are a student it might be financially out of your league.


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