Lovely wedding

It was a beautiful day everyone. Everyone enjoyed themselves. The bride looked gorgeous and my son spruced up nicely as well.He had a new suit and dapper he looked too. My darling daughter looked beautiful as well. The weather didn't let us down as well and the sun came out for the photographs. When i get them done they will be on f/book if you want to have a look.I will let you know when i have done it. Sadly the camera i have is too big to post them on here.

The cake i made went down well which was a relieve for me. Andreeas parents and i came home fairly early as we were tired and in pain. I dosed myself up on painkillers all day. Today her parents fly home to Romania and then it will be tidying up. Thank you everyone for all the good wishes for the happy couple and my family. Love to you all Sylvia.xxxx

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  • I'm glad you had a lovely day and everything went well including the weather. Now it's all over its time for you to put your feet up and have a good well deserved rest. Xxx

  • Oh it sounds lovely Sylvi, I'm glad it went well and you all had a special day. Lots of rest for you now young lady!


    Cece x

  • Yes it is.I have to go out this morning to get my drugs as i have nearly ran out.THank you

  • So pleased all went well lovely. Now you must put your feet up and rest lots of. I will be joining you on the rest front shortly !!!!! love me xxx

  • I sent you a f/book message. It will be all over before you know where you are.Thank you darling.xxxx

  • So glad Sylvi, weather here is pouring down with rain, I started thinking how lucky wedding was yesterday with the glorious weather. You can put your feet up and recover toasting a job well done. Take care

  • Glad you had a lovely day and the weather was kind to you all xx

  • Good to hear all went according to plan, now rest up! xxx

  • I will now. I have got the photos put onto a disc for her mum and dad to take home and i gave them some pictures as well. I have made a memory box for George and Andreea to keep for the future, I am shattered now and i am sitting now. Thank you Georje.xxxx

  • Hi Sylvie, so happy for you that the day went perfectly, and so lucky with the was pants down here!!

    Would love to see your pics but unfortunately I don't know you on facebook. Can we connect as friends on FB?

    You take care of yourself and give yourself lots of TLC xxx

  • Glad it all went well. Can't wait to see the pics.

    Hope you recover soon,

    Joanne :)

  • So glad you had a lovely day and everything went well. Hope you're getting some well earned rest.


  • How wonderful for you Sylvi - well done too! Tilda x

  • I know what a relief it is to have it all done and over with, now that body needs the relief from standing on two feet!! You will enjoy every moment over and over with the photos :) It all sounds so lovely, as I am sure that is the only way you would have it all :)

    Now rest, allow others to put things away! Hey! Now you are a Mother-in-Law!!

  • Thats not something i have thought about, Mother-in-law who would think it hey. I do need the rest Loretta i ache like a good un today.xxxx

  • Congratulations Sylvi and I'm glad it was such a success. You worked very hard and enjoy the rest xx

  • Looking forwards to seeing your pics.......glad all went well for you all......x

  • I wish i could post them on here but my camera is too big mega bytes for this site. I am on f/book and there are some on there if you want to befriend

  • Hi Sylvi! glad you all had a lovely day. What is your name on Facebook.

    Wendy x

  • sylvia reynolds you won't miss me as my picture is of my son and his wife.xxxx

  • Have sent a friend request, my name is Wendy Outhwaite. Love the wedding photos, looks like a very happy day.

  • No there was nothing traditional about this wedding.She work a lovely coral pink short dress.She and my son both got ready here.It was a lovely day though thank

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