This meal needs a prayer

I woke up late, rushed to take dog for walk before church. Got back just in time to change into a slightly less scruffy shirt, rushed to church. All the worrying that I'd not done the veg (I've invited a neighbour).

Rushed home from church, looked at the tip that is my home, shrugged shoulders. Took dog for a quick pee stop. Came home peeled veg and stuffed it all in my halogen oven. Rummaged in fridge for what's left of sprouts, peeled and shoved them in saucepan. Lit five million candles, in the hope that it might soften the mess!

Please God make this meal edible, and please don't let me poison my guest.

Happy Christmas!!!

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  • I hope you both had a lovely time!

  • Well, if I'd known my guest was vegetarian too, I wouldn't have bothered with the chook! That said, I'd made loads of veg and she didn't touch that either. Ah, well it didn't matter. At least she came, had some coffee, a chat. And played with the dog.

    Happiness is a dog full of roasted chicken! 🐶😄

  • Merry Christmas!!!

  • I'm betting she was more interested in the company than anything else :-)

  • Or too terrified to eat! 😳

  • Ha ha ha - Maybe, but maybe she had already eaten three times that day as she did her visits

  • Like the vicar of Dibley!! Hehe

  • Hope you and you're guest survived to tell the tale of a wonderfully festive meal!

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