Wedding....... Exhausted

Wedding....... Exhausted

Good morning everyone, i hope your all as well as you can be. On Thursday i went down to London for a wedding on Friday. We had a lovely day the sun shone and the bride looked gorgeous. We stayed overnight until yesterday when we came home. We did it this way as hubby knew i couldn't manage doing it all in one day.

The sun shone on the bride and groom and we had a lovely day and everyone was lovely to us. Now we are back home and to say i am exhausted is an understatement. I am so tired it is unbelievable. I slept on and off all day yesterday and i slept fairly well last night. I was supposed to go to a parade today,but good sense has prevaled today and i am staying put while hubby and daughter go. I also have a chest infection which isn't helping either. I also over did it on the wedding day taking photos of the day. My eyes are very dry as well and they look rough as well.I hurt as well,my neck has been giving me a lot of problems and it has travelled into my left shoulder.

Photo is of the bride and groom.xxxx

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  • What a wonderful picture Sylvi :) !! I'm really sorry you're suffering now but well done for resting and sleeping lots!! It's not fair we pay for having fun in this way, is it?! I hope you feel better soon and I'm sure your other pictures are awesome too!! Love. Christine xxxxxx

  • Lovely picture. Glad you had a good time! Just rest until you have recovered , so great that you were able to manage the whole day. Mxx

  • We didn't stay the whole night at the reception we left about 7.30pm as i just couldn't do anymore.

    Christine if your on f/book there are a few more photos. This was a wedding like no other thats for sure,but such a casual and relaxing

  • I'd love to see them!! Yes, I'm on fb again, maybe you could PM me your full name so I can look you up? Thank you :) !!! xxxxx

  • You're teasing those of us who are not on Facebook Sylvi, well me anyway lol! A wedding like no other, intriguing!!??? Anyway, the one pic I can see is lovely & pleased you managed most of the day, the most important bit. Now continue as you are doing & rest up. x

  • You must be filled to overflowing with wonderful memories.

    Well done for participating.

  • Sounds like a wonderful day, what a shame that you've had to pay for it so. I hope you can rest and start to come back soon. XX

  • I'm glad you had such a great time, I'm also glad that you post your experience because it's so helpful to see other people have this exhausted response to what used to be normal for us. After my last over doing it, I woke, thinking it was five am. When I was ok enough to get up and consult another clock, I realised it was eleven am and I had slept twelve hours. Clever things, our bodies, getting all that sleep. Well, clever when they aren't attacking themselves!, that's not the brightest thing they've ever done. Have a good rest. Enjoy those lovely memories.

  • Today i feel bright enough,but my eyes are still swollen and very uncomfortable. I am going to see the optician this morning and i am going to ring the nurse at the drs this morning about how bad i feel,not that i think they can do mch for me,but we will see. I won't do mch again today apart from those trips about my eyes. Hugs to you as well.xxxx

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