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Finally I realise that I can no longer keep my house as clean as I once used to. My RA has taken its toll on me, even although I am much better than I was this time last year I still find that bending and kneeling and cleaning takes it out of my energy levels and I simply cannot do the things I used fingers, hands and wrists complain when I put pressure on them, my hips, knees and feet scream when I am constantly bending and twisting, and I can forget about kneeling right now

So I finally capitulated and got myself a cleaner.....her first visit was yesterday. In the allotted two hours she had my kitchen gleaming and coming downstairs this morning I find renewed delight at how clean everything is and my joints are not complaining that it had taken me all day to do what she did in two hours

I will have to adjust my budget to pay her but it is worth every penny and look forward to her next visit in two weeks, then it is my sitting room and hall that will be attacked by my cleaner.

So for today the pressure to clean has been lifted and I can just hope you are all having a good day


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  • Morning Katie,

    I am so glad you have joined the ranks of ladies +cleaners. I was getting so distresses at my home and the fact that I could not do it. I cannot bend, stretch, lift, run up and down stairs, stand, polish etc etc etc. My friend suggested I get a lovely lady when I came home from hospital and the wonders she achieves make me relax and have stopped me being anxious. She came to me in February and is now a fast friend :D

    Well done xxgins

  • Thank you so much Gins....I was feeling slightly extravagant...and am such a control freek....knew it was going to be hard.....and I totally understand the restrictions you have, same here. I find now that I double check when upstairs that I have everything I need downstairs so I do not have to go back up, same when I go to sit down, do a quick collection of everything I will need before I settle myself. Thank you for the words of encouragement

    Katie x

  • Hello - sorry to read you have to get a cleaner must be lovely! I've thought about it especially after a full week at work but unfortunately due to no pay rise for the last two years, the cost of living going up and children at Uni it's a luxury I can't afford! I try to think of it positively though as I'm not quite ready to give in to RA just yet.

  • Hi Amanda,

    I really have thought about this long and hard....I work full time and simply am exhausted on a Wednesday never mind a Friday. I have always managed to look after home, kids, animals, garden etc etc....and finally something had to give my investment of £40 per month will mean no more getting my nails done and reduce my bottle of wine to one a week....

    I have not given into RA - am simply adapting to my changing life, allowing me to still work full time

    I hope you have a great weekend


  • Absolutely! We all have to decide what's important to us don't we? So if that means not getting our nails done or a bottle of wine less a week but in doing so have the benefits of a clean and tidy house and less stress, better health its all to do with our own personal circumstances isn't it? Trouble with me is though I would probably clean the house before the cleaner came :). Enjoy it and have a great weekend yourself x

  • Laughing- that is exactly what I did yesterday! You too x

  • Hello Katie, It is so great isn't it? I had a cleaner for 18 months but I had to let her go at the beginning of the year cos I couldn't afford it anymore, mind you I find my salary goes nowhere at all these days. Anyway I do remember those first months the joy of coming home to the smell of cleaning agents and a clean bathroom and kitchen. On the negative side I have two messy girls so the beautiful clean house lasted about 14 hours and 8 of those they were asleep.

  • Laughing - yes I wonder how long this will continue when my son gets home!

  • I am bribing now with money to keep their rooms clean but they seem to spill everywhere. I think that your son could not be half as untidy and messy as mine.

  • I have had a Friday fairy for quite a few yrs now but got her not because of RA but running a business and looking after 83 yr old dad after a stroke and 4 school age girls but now the girls have moved out dad has gone she is a blessing and I would not be able to manage without her she was sick for a few weeks last yr and it was then RA was going full swing well I lived in a dump till she made it back I could not manage to push the hoover so enjoy it is nice when we go away she comes round and does the whole place before we get back my idea of bliss


  • Hi Lizz, that sounds like an amazing idea....getting your Friday fairy in while you are away on holiday...that would be wonderful to come back to. Well this cleaner is defianately going to become my Friday fairy for glad image the move

    Have a good week


  • Oh I like your thinking! I had not thought about that ..will wait for a another two visits then the whole house will be gleaming x

  • My darling hubby still does the housework,but i still keep mentioning having a cleaner even if it is once a fortnight just to spring clean a little. I will gently keep reminding that it is a good idea and eventually i think we will get one. It will take a lot of pressure of him,bless him he works so hard round the house and the allotment.I had planned when i got him the allotment to be able to go down there with him and have a little patch of it for myself,sadly that never happened as i can't do it. So my job now is to get my scooter out and take him a drink and look pretty(well i can wish).xxxx

  • That is wonderful for you Sylvi.....even when I was married my husband could not have cleaned the way my Friday girl does.

    Stay pretty and remember do not drink and scooter


  • The strongest drink i take these days is flavoured water.xxxxx

  • We had a cleaner for a year when we were both working full time in a primary school and I just couldn't bear coming home to three sons and dust and dirt everywhere. But I would get so worked up about what she would think of us when she arrived to find such a tip that I used to run around cleaning up for her - which sort of defeated the purpose!? If you can be good and not worry much about how she finds you then it really will be good for you to have this luxury. X

  • Hi Tilda,

    No I have got my head around house is fairly tidy anyway and it is the deeper cleaning that I simply cannot manage anymore.

    I have tried but I end up so exhausted for the next few days it is simply not worth it anymore. She was lovely and when I apologised for the houses she smiled and said there was much worse out there.....made me feel so much better


  • Yep I am unable to do housework any more either I feel like a pretender but I am so tired by Friday after working all week it was one more thing that was tipping me over the edge. I finally found a friend who is saving to buy a unit and she is doing it for me and saving towards her dream too. Works all round!

  • I think that we as women always feel guilty when we need help....I know I always thought I was superwoman and could do everything.

    My Friday fairy, is going to college so I know the extra is helping her too

  • I'm glad you made the move. I've been trying to get my head around hiring a cleaner for ages, but can't quite bring myself to admit things are that bad, even though I can't remember the last time I changed by bed or washed the floor. Think I just need to bite the bullet and do it.

  • Earthwitch, I am not sure how you cope with the bed not being changed.....mine is changed every single week without fail...even if it takes me thirty minutes and I need to sit down for an hour as soon as I am finished. Think you need to get a cleaner if you are as bad as your posts suggest you to ahead and bite the bullet...let us know how you get on


  • I'd love to have a cleaner as I just can't keep on top of it anymore. My son bless him helps out but being a typical teenage boy he doesn't "do the whole job". By that I mean he'll wash up but not wipe down the Worktops and he'll vacuum the middle of the room but not up to the edges and "why would I pull the furniture out Mum? Who the heck is going to look behind/under there for dirt?". But having a cleaner would be so stressful, as like Tilda, I would be running round cleaning up before they arrived and exhaust myself anyway!

  • Lilac , I know what you are saying feeling is as long as my house is tidy then she can get on with the job I am acting h to do. The reality is that I get stressed because my house is not as clean as I really want it to be.....this allows me to do other things around my house that my Friday fairy will not do

    Guess each of us has different ways of dealing with everything and that is what makes the world to around

  • I have a cleaner and see it as the best use of my dla I can think off. You need the help, they need the work, so enjoy it and just remember to tell her if she misses something, otherwise they wont know!! And enjoy!!

  • Thank you Allanah.....I am enjoying...promise


  • I am not coping with the housework. I have been in so much pain recently. its finding someone you can trust, but once you have it must be a god send. I am about to move house (arggh) moving to a bungalow which will be easier for me. but I dread all the hard work sorting everything out. but I know it will be better for me. xxxx

  • Hi, all I will say is please get help when you are moving....I have been starting to think about moving home....the thought terrifies me.....where on earth would I start.

    Good luck with your move and when you get settled find a cleaner...ask your new neighbours...that is what i did


  • Hi KatieC I have a living DLA Cleaner Carer called Fran and if she does a good job I might let her take me out and buy me a meal. Ouch!! caught again, mattcass

  • Too funny Matt x

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