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NHS care is falling apart

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This is about my sister who has been in hospital for 3 nights. She was admitted straight from A&E with pain and her bloods flagged up major inflammation.

Diagnosed with diverticulitis ( never had this before)and is on IV antibiotics . told by doctor what she can and cannot eat. Menu is given out to choose daily and each day there are no foods she can have ( according to the list she was given) Told outside catering that’s all there is 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️. Her cannula came out blood dripping for over 1 1/2 hours until someone was found who could put another in, nurse rushed it and it really hurt. Begged doctor for a sedative yesterday evening as she hadn’t slept for 3 nights also asked for pain killers and was prescribed paracetamol . Repeatedly during the night she left her bed and asked nurse for said prescription . They just said waiting for doctors to sign prescription . It arrived this morning at 6am. She is not responding to antibiotics and has been told she will be for the rest of the week minimal. No visitors but her husband managed to walk in to the hospital this morning with home soup and other food as well as paracetamol . She said it’s like a war zone. Husband is trying to get her moved to a private hospital but they can’t find her notes or a doctor to do the transfer. I’m so shocked at her treatment.

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That’s awful! Whereabouts is she?

If she’s going to be there a week you could ask about arrangements for deliveries. Some hospitals accept Deliveroo and Uber food deliveries.

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She is in kings( London) not sure how a delivery can be done with restrictions or if the delivery service would allow their staff to go into a hospital.. she feels the only option is to go to a private hospital.. easier said than done.

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Even worse, Kings is supposed to be a good hospital! Do just ask about deliveries, as I know it does happen. The difficulty would be getting from reception to her bed if the staff are unhelpful.

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Kings is an excellent hospital...but with Covid numbers rising.... until they can get the Nightingale hospitals geared up again things are going to be difficult.

Oh no that’s awful your poor sister and worrying for her husband and you.

It sounds as though the doctors and nurses are really struggling to cope with the rising number of admissions where your sister Has been hospitalised.

I do hope things improve quickly or her husband can get her moved to a private hospital.

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Not sure about the night nurses. My sister said they spent most of the night sitting at the nurses station talking and eating a tin of chocolates they were not interested. My sister owns a production company... feel like a documentary may be produced 😁

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J I was nights all my life 25 years and there are nurses like this I’m a auxiliary and the decent nurses would not to this it’s just a shame some ruin it ... I’m so sorry your going through this . Go to pals or ring make a complaint surely her notes must be in the ward this is awful.

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And your sister can. Speak to a chef direct about her diet

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She should go for that documentary - time the truth was told. So sorry she's going through this.

I am so sorry to hear this, the NHS will not recover from Covid with a humongous injection of cash, which is as unlikely to come as the moon shot project.

So so sad. How utterly awful....I'm at a loss as to what to think or say. Hope she is able to come home soon x

OMG bless her i hope she gets the help she so badly need. Hugs from me. xxxxx

Shes having a rough time, hope she's better soon x

Very sad and not what you expect in hospital hope she gets well soon xxx

Hi When I was in hospital in Spain over Christmas, I was on IV antibiotics, IV fluids and IV pain relief . I was not allowed to eat until my pain settled about 4 days later. I was then given a diet of low fibre foods. Finally allowed home after a week, still on a low fibre diet. I was very well looked after thank goodness. It is a very painful condition. I hope your sisters care in hospital improves and she gets the treatment she needs. What an awful experience it must be for you all. Wishing her all the best.

How awful for her and for all of you feeling so helpless. Sick of hearing NHS is open for business-it obviously isn’t here.

You are so right the NHS is not there.

For thousands of people trying to cope with their long term illnesses....

It seems The Virus is the only be all illness allowed to be given the treatment and care....Yet more deaths from all the other illnesses occur all the time..

I know personally the suffering people are going through......I also know the NHS side as a retired Theatre Nurse...

With in the NHS are some wonderful caring doctors and nurses.....but their work is made harder by those who work there who dont have an ounce of care between them....Management will never work when run by non trained hospital outsiders......The system is abused on every level ....by all but a few...

The NHS is not free and is paid by hard working citizens of th UK....to enable all of us to receive a good standard of medical care by dedicated trained staff.

This ladies traumatic stay sadly is not a one off its been happening for years...

Reporting it seems to prompt management to employ more office staff to sort out the sorter outers who are already being sorted......

The only way forward is to go backwards.

To the start of the NHS and what the basic facts were then......and the use of a very large boot to rid us of those who have forgotten......

Then our dedicated doctors and nurses can be allowed to do their jobs. ...

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So very well put

How very true. The doctors and nurses years ago cared about the whole of you not just the bit that needs a plaster. I had measles as a child in the 1960 and our family doctor sat by my bed all night to make sure I made it through. I would not be here now without his kindness

It's definitely not only London J1707. I completely empathise. I am in the North West and it's every bit as bad. My husband has been to A& E 3 times recently with breathing difficulty. He has been waiting over 12 months for tests related to a persistent cough. The appointments he had scheduled were all cancelled because they fell during the first lockdown and new appointment not given. His breathing became really bad in July and he had to go to A& E where an x-ray followed by CT Scan a week later showed Lung fibrosis. Still no appointments given. He has been back to A& E 3 times since and sent home. Finally last week I had to call an ambulance and this time he was admitted. Antibiotic drip, anticoagulants and oxygen. They asked him what tests he had had previously and when he said that they were all cancelled they looked shocked. Why would they be shocked when they must know that appointments have been cancelled right left and centre for so many conditions and clinics closing their doors to f2f. Now it is likely that he will have to use home oxygen for the rest of his life because of the damage done to his lungs due to the lack of treatment. However, before he can get the oxygen, he needs a Lung function test and an oxygen assessment. They sent him home after 3 days in hospital ( danger of Covid infection) with an appointment for a lung function test on Thursday and an oxygen assessment on 29/10. The scan also showed diverticulitis which they told him to see his GP about. I'm at my wit's end with no end in sight. I hope your sister fares better. From where I stand the NHS is on its knees. So sorry for the rant J but I am agreeing with you.

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J1707 in reply to Biofreak

OMG your poor husband and poor you that truly is shocking. My heart goes out to you both. My sister just rang she finally exploded and has brought in her sister in law who is rather a bigwig in the nhs has been in and they are falling over themselves. She us lucky we don’t all have those kind of people in the background who can help. Wish I could help x

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Good for your sister. I'm glad she is now getting some proper attention. I'm pretty sure there are many people all around the country in similar positions with a lack of proper health care. There is only so much you can do to stay well but in spite of every effort, getting ill happens at some point to everyone. It's a real worry and fear now. Our GP has been next to useless I'm sad to say. I even had to have words with the practice manager before they agreed to give me my bi-monthly blood test because they said I usually have it at the hospital. That is true but all my clinic appointments for RA, Diabetes and osteoporosis have been cancelled this year. I hope your sister has a speedy recovery now the big gun has arrived. X

I understand a lot of the private hospitals at least her in Kent are being used by NHS, I had similar issue pre Covid and my husband bought in a large amount of M&S meals to ping. As long as sealed was ok but no home made as can't be examined for bugs. Sounds daft I know but that was the policy. Wasn't Boris in Kings did he eat hospital food ? I have a friend who works there so am surprised as it has a very good reputation.

Private hospitals have been used for cancer patients. Not sure if they still are but may be. My friend goes into Spire in York tomorrow as a cancer patient so perhaps it is the same in most areas. Unfortunately health is a bit of a post code lottery at the best of times

Boris was in St Thomas's

Oh my goodness, I'm sorry to hear about your sister, that's dreadful. That's such a worry to her and her husband, as well as the family. It's not right that they have to take food in, that's supposed to be provided as part of the care (mind you, so is the care) - sitting around eating chocolates when people are in need of their care isn't on - I know it's been a stressful time for them the last few months but how do they think the patients feel. I would be very tempted to contact PALS and lodge a complaint or I read somewhere this morning about Care Opinion online. Good luck, I hope she improves or her hubby can get her moved soon. x

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J1707 in reply to springcross

Thank you. I think part of the problem is she is on a general ward and they don’t cater for dietary needs as it’s a set menu vegetarian or non vegetarian that’s it. For lunch she got a plain lukewarm jacket potato 🙄. She can’t be moved to a private hospital until she has had a negative Covid test and something else but I didn’t quite catch what she said as the drug addict next to her was screaming . She has started to respond to the antibiotics she will be out as soon as she can.

This kind of thing isn’t due to Covid. 2 years ago my BIL had his stomach removed due to cancer . My sister would have to wash and change him and the bed as his waste bags would over flow and there wasn’t enough staff and they couldn’t cope .Once he had to wait 8 hours for ice chips and 12hours for morphine as the pharmacy was a Mile away and the ward sister didn’t have enough staff so she could go to the pharmacy and collect it. This is an excellent hospital .

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Oh my goodness, that sounds absolutely horrendous, I'm horrified. Also, your poor BIL and sister having to cope with that. How can a hospital with such a good name be so very poor. I really hope she can get out of there asap. Have they found her notes yet?

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J1707 in reply to springcross

Oh yes amazing what bomb 💣 up the you know what can do 😂

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just now reading this- so very sorry for what isn't happening but shd be . A terrible situation, can only hope she'll be out of there very soon.xx .. and that you can keep your own stress levels for going sky high. xox

I hope your Sister is on the up. Sadly I’m not surprised by the treatment experienced. I’m coming across many similar examples of lack of care from friends and personal experiences.

The NHS is so Covid focus everything else seems an annoyance.

I was in the shielding list and on consultants advice remain home as much as possible.

I’m currently waiting to see Respiratory Consultant, Rheumy for steroids injections, a Spinal fusion on hold and a torn rotator cuff unable to be treated, all due to Covid. My health is deteriorating daily. My function could be lost due to nerve damage and no answers as to when I may be helped. GP’s hands are tied and all they can do is up my morphine which then means I’d be unable to carry on with my part-time job which is my connection to the world.

Surely Covid specific hospitals can be organised on a local level to allow routine and elective treatments to continue. I’d hoped lessons would be learnt from the first wave.

I hope for everyone things improve ❤️

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HappykindaGal in reply to CERob

They are - it's all pretty business as usual over here in Norfolk. Sadly it depends on where people are I think

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CERob in reply to HappykindaGal

That’s good to hear that your area in Norfolk has that approach. Usual postcode lottery with healthcare.....My Consultants are all keeping me well informed so I’m thankful for that.

Sounds terrible, can your sister ask to speak to the ward matron or ward clerk, someone in charge of the chaos? Tell them how it is.

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J1707 in reply to BoneyC

She has made complaints she had an influential sister in law within the NHS. Her sedative still didn’t arrive. Her husband brought in night nurse as that usually knocks her out. Unfortunately 3 drug addicts were brought in last night . One was stealing from patients then did a runner the other 2 physically fought each other screaming at each other all night. Poor nurses were so taken up with these 2 and security were back and forth all night.

No matter what she is discharging herself. She is fortunate enough to have enough money for private care although she can’t get into hospital until covid test is clear but she going to have private home care till then. We are all not so lucky

This is a familiar painful thing for me at the moment . He was admitted to hospital twice after suffering complications from a bowel tumour .

He’s lost lots of weight anyway due to NHL . He’s a coeliac , they just couldn’t feed him . If it wasn’t so tragic it would be laughable . We weren’t allowed to bring home made food in and some of the kitchen staff were telling him things were gluten free which weren’t and made him worse .

He died on sentember 11th due to the lymphomas but they certainly made the run up to the end so much worse than necessary .

I hope your sister eventually gets better treatment . I’ve had nothing but great care from the NHS . It’s sad that not everybody seems to be fortunate enough to get that .

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Evaflo10s in reply to Evaflo10s

My stepdad , I meant to say .

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J1707 in reply to Evaflo10s

I’m so sorry.. so much of this is hidden. Shocking your stepdad had to suffer as well as the rest of your family. My mother suffered horribly due to hospital and doctors mismanagement my cousin 21 died from the same . Her parents took the hospital to court . I won’t go into detail the hospital hid so much information but after 3 court appearances and 4 years of hell it was proved . They had to sign a disclaimer that they wouldn’t go to the press. They got a large payment but gave it to charity.

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Gnarli in reply to Evaflo10s

That is such an awful experience for you all and I'm truly sorry to hear it. Sending huge gentle hugs and sympathy.

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Evaflo10s in reply to Gnarli

Thank you. I appreciate that .The worst bit came after telling us he was terminal on the 9th. He married my mum in hospital on the 10th ( after 34 years together ). He came home that evening but they forgot to send anyone to administer any pain relief . My mum ended up married and widowed in 24hrs with the interval in between full of pain and suffering . As soon as my grief turns to anger , I’m going to be dangerous ! X

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Gnarli in reply to Evaflo10s

I'm sure anyone would understand and be the same

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Biofreak in reply to Evaflo10s

My heart goes out to you Eva. What an awful time for you and your family. I really cannot see any excuse for the hospital not allowing you to bring in home made food when they were unable to provide a diet that would not make him ill. Its terrible. My condolences to you and your family XX

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Evaflo10s in reply to Biofreak

Thank you , that’s very kind xx

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Monkeysmum in reply to Evaflo10s

I’m so sorry to here about the loss of your Stepdad. Losing someone is difficult enough without lack of care making it even more painful for all concerned.

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Evaflo10s in reply to Monkeysmum

Thank you . It’s appreciated x

So sorry that your sister is having such a bad time. I am sure the doctors and nurses are doing the best they can in such an awful situation. I am not going to get political but we all know what needs to be done to make things better. I hope you manage to get better treatment for your sister soon.

It’s so sad to read people’s experiences, I hope politicians and health are leaders see some of these posts and do better. I just feel very emotional today and not knowing what to expect with the ‘second wave’....so much suffering for people with conditions and disabilities, sending lots of hugs out in to the ether in the hope it helps as not much practical I can do to help.

Completely agree.

I had a phone appointment with a locum specialist on 16th August. He said I needed blood tests.

After 8 weeks of struggle I got them done yesterday.

8 weeks. Just for a blood test!

Good grief! What a horror, really sorry that your sister is having so much trouble. What a rubbish hospital.

Hope she makes a formal complaint

I’m sorry to here that your sister is ill J1707, and the lack of care she is receiving is truly awful. As you say it’s not right that you have to kick up a fuss just to get basic level of care, such stories always make me think about those who are too ill to speak up on their own behalf and do not have family members who can do so either. And then they wonder why people aren’t coming forward to the NHS with heart problems etc - no one wants to be in a hospital right now! Anyway, sending best wishes for a speedy recovery and hope she can escape from there as soon as possible.

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J1707 in reply to Monkeysmum

Thank you. She is discharging herself. She has recorded what happened last night ... doubt much will be done. Unfortunately I think a national outcry is needed.

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Happy5 in reply to J1707

Some of this is being covered by national radio but not reaching ears of ones who need to know and act. :(

Oh my what a terrible experience for all concerned.

Wonder if treatment or lack of is due to frontline NHS staff being totally worn out

and not functioning at correct levels of care?

Dietary care seems to go out the window decades ago when out sourced to private companies, who have no medical knowledge about specific diets.

Well done hubby for getting her supplies to her.

Feel so sad for her. Complain to the ward manager personally. Then PALS xx

I'm sorry to hear that your sister is so unwell and that the care she is getting is less than ideal. This is really not just a Covid19 issue. All the virus has done is to show up how completely under resourced the NHS is, not enough doctors, not enough nurses, shortages of equipment. Any real problem would have brought the NHS to it's knees. The cause is simply years of cuts and under investment. This is not a party political issue as both the major parties have played their part. We have now reached a point where, due to lack of resources, seriously ill non Covid patients are being thrown to the wolves, including those with Cancer.Until this country is run by someone with a bit of common sense rather than by those obsessed with political dogma nothing will change.

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Happy5 in reply to mickam

Quietly out sourcing to private companies isn't helpful either .

Totally agree

So sorry for your sister hope she gets better soon and can go home.

I’m so sorry to hear that your sister has received such appalling treatment. Sadly it’s not uncommon I have plenty of such horror stories from myself and other members of my family which have been happening for years well over 20 years that I can recall. I do so hope your sister starts to respond to treatment and manages to discharge herself and get some proper care but it’s disgraceful that she has to pay once again for the privilege. If she’s in a position to name and shame she should do so when she’s recovered but I’m afraid it’s all too common these days. I was proud to work for the NHS for 10 years and having been in your sisters situation I fought tooth and nail to get every patient who’s bloods I prepared for analysis my utmost effort to do my job and go above and beyond because patients and lives are important or no-one would have a job in the NHS and they’re one of the countries biggest employers. It’s shameful.

Tell her to ask to speak to the senior charge nurse and lay out all her complaints there are special diets catered for in hospital. At night it can be very difficult to get a doctor always better to make sure a prescription is done during the day

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J1707 in reply to Bethany02

Thanks she discharged herself. She did all that you said . After last night and still no sedative and an all night fight between 2 drug addicts she could take no more. She did speak to the doctor and the charge nurse nothing was done. She was crying so much this morning. When they came with breakfast and she was crying the catering nurse or what ever you call her just walked away. My sister sorted herself out and asked to speak to said person to apologise and could she please have some toast only for her to shout WHAT WHAT WHAT now you want to order . My sister replied beg your pardon. The reply was beg your pardon all you want there’s none left.

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Mickymoo in reply to J1707

Thats a disgusting way to talk to your sister. Im so angry for her. There are actually no words!....

Omg that is the worst would be devastated if that happened in our area

Im sorry to hear this. Thinking of you x

This doesnt surprise me at all. I always thought my friends mum was exaggerating her times in hospital (shes in quite often) , about how she was treated. Dont get me wrong im sure there are wonderful nurses out there who really do care about their patients but this wasn't my experience when admitted in january for 3 weeks, or 3 weeks ago when i was admitted again. I was shocked at the level of ignorance and lack of compassion on the ward i was on. It was the pre op ward. I had abdominal sepsis, my crp was at 360. I was in awful pain. I was supposed to get morphine every 4 hours. Was lucky to get it once a day. I pressed the buzzer 4 times in 15 minutes. They just came in, turned it off and walked out again. This happened on a daily basis. One day i was so sore i sat crying in the bed and thought ive had enough. I shuffled my way to the nurses station (where they were all standing around chatting). I put in a complaint and said id never treat a dog the way i was treated, left to suffer in a bed with no one checking on me. I wasnt the only one like this. All the patients in my room were treated this way. One elderly patient needed the toilet and they kept telling her to hold on they'd be back. But they werent. Eventually I got up and helped her into her wheelchair (even though i was in agony) and took her towards the toilet. At that moment a nurse came in and shouted at me ' what are you doing! Leave the patient there'. I felt like a child. I said she had geen sitting in tears cause no one would take her to toilet. I could go on but u get the picture. I was in hospital 3 weeks ago and the nurses in there couldn't have been nicer (bar one)! X

I’m sorry to hear your sister is poorly and having a bad experience in hosp. I’ve had mixed experiences in that hospital. Outpatient has mainly been ok. The wards can be hit or miss.

PALS at King’s are usually good; they’re very quick to respond and very effective. I would suggest she starts there first thing tomorrow. 💐

So sorry to hear this. 😢💗Hope she is able to come home soon and feels better for doing so. x

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