A little story - non Rheumatoid

I was just thinking last night about all the nice people on this site and the helpful comments and informative discussions we have had over the last while.

Not that long ago I had a 15 year old son (8yrs ago) who spent his life on the computer, playing games and chatting etc (well I did'nt really know what he was doing) He did'nt seem to be as sociable as my two daughters and spent long hours on the computer. When we used to go out on a Saturday night, the girls would be busy, but there he was there all night on that damn computer. How we worried about him! I was always saying, you need to get out and make three dimensional friends! Anyway, long years have passed, and god why did I worry? He went to Art College, doing animation & film (still doing it!), met his own types of person (non sporty) and has'nt looked back, literally. He has more friend & a better social life than anyone, DJ's in clubs around city etc. Now here I am on my lap top chatting away with 'one dimensional friends' (no offence intended) but how wrong was I???

I have two points really firstly I just did'nt understand social networking then and secondly, if you have a child that is quieter than most, try not to worry hopefully they will find there own level in the end.

Hope the above makes sense, I may be Irish but I'm no James Joyce in the writing dept.


Ps. Had hand injection tday, went well, if bit stingy, could see on xray my bony hand & needle going in - live show! Best injections are done on camera, before I realised this had some horrific shoulder ones!!

Oh yeah, guy doing it said damage was only visible on MRI & not xrays!!!!!!

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Hi Gina, my son turned 16 last Wednesday and yes that's all he does too, on the computer and xbox for hours, I do worry about him though. He as loads of friends at school and when I say to him he needs to get out more he'll just say "but mom all my friends are on the computer/xbox"

Had his college interview today and got in where he wants to go and the subjects he wants to study so he's a happy chappy at the moment!!

Only got a few weeks left at school now just hope he finds a bit more to do.

I really don't know where all those years have gone.

Glad the injection went well, your right you get to see loads done by xray or ultrasound.

Take care

mand xx


Mand, Don't worry just enjoy him while he is around, believe me it won't be for long - they do live in cyber world these days, its so different. When my girls split from boyfriends, they seem to still keep in touch on facebook etc, god in my day if you split up with a guy you avoided them like the plague forever after!


yep lots of damage does not show on xrays.. my hospital being tight for money....!!, did an ultrasound of hands cheap!!, but can show inflammation, damage, changes in blood flow, I used to think the same bout computers, typing is a prob, but this has set me free, thank you every one xxx


Hi Guys,

kids are funny things, mine are in their 30's and we were saying the other day that they have morphed into each other. Mart the oldest by 1 year was the tidy one he would play rugby, bmx bikes, he did have a computer, but nothing like now. His bedroom was always tidy. Once 17 he had a car we helped pay but he'd saved he worked collecting eggs at a local farm (maybe he could help julie). My daughter was the untidy one her bedroom the council tip was tidier, she was always out got drunk a couple of times ran awayfrom home with some yob but saw the error of her ways and came back. Now she has a flat doesn't drink at all and runs a cleaning business her place is immaculate. she also volunteers as a councillor for teenagers. My son now with his wife and the 2 year old and baby his place is a tip mostly but they are all happy and thats what we want and need as mothers to see our childen grow, help them along the way feed them nuture them and let them go.



My son is obsessed by the xbox, laptop, tv and he's only 4! Tech is so much more accessible than when I was younger, it's all around them and they're expected to be able to use it. My little man even shows me what to do these days and as for my daughter, she was making powerpoint presentations the other day! My partner, a primary school teacher who uses ICT in the majority of his lessons, was impressed by her knowledge and ability! I dread to think what it'll all be like when they're teenagers...


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