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Its going to be a long winter!


After being confirmed by MRI that I need a triple fusion of ankle, arthrodesis. I have been trying to wriggle out of getting it done. Asked surgeon if I did'nt go ahead what would consequences be? His answer today was in a nutshell it will get worse and lead to disablement. I thought he might say, well you could leave it a year or two, but No, Its apparently better to do it sooner rather than later.

Also, was quite worried about crutches, because of wrists and shoulders, so asked about that too, I mentioned the K9, which was recommended on here, looks like I'd have to buy that myself (not).

Wrist bone currently size of golf ball, rang rheumy today! In work today ordered a new key board & mouse off I.T Dept, lovely ergonomic mouse side ways type, and wheely thing on keyboard. I said in email that my doc said I had to have it (what a chancer!) Pal told me about it gave me make & model number.. Hoho!

Said to boss laughingly, I'm becoming a liabilty - he did'nt answer! sorry that was sidetraking....

Anyway, I have to face it, this operation is gonna happen, and I am going to have to sit still for THREE MONTHS!!! the thoughts of it is driving me mad.

Ok, I can read, watch TV (box sets incl) surf net, draw, listen to music, what else??? ideas please? don't like puzzels. ( I can't really draw!)

Also, if this is not too personal, how do you get up & down to the loo at night if you can't walk I'm quite fidgety in that dept.

Oh Lord!

xx Gina.

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Gina, draw!! It's a brilliant thing to do if youre stuck in one place. Even if at first the results look odd. About the loo will you really not be able to walk at all? I'm sure you'll have a list of practical issues to raise. Good luck with it all, sounds like a hard time coming and tricky chances

X c


good luck your gonna need it, i find it hard to rest and it drives me mad so its going to be really really hard. The good part is that next year you will be a new woman gina. Thats what you have to look forward to, concentrate on that.

Best of luck and we all look forward to your blogs of what your going through. think of all the ridiculous things that are going to happen and tell us all about it.

Will be thinking of you,tell us when you have your op.

Love sylvia.xx


Hi Gina, question: have they said that you will not be able to use the foot for 3 months or is it more that you will be off work for 3 months? I ask this as when I had replacement knuckles I was told 3 months when I asked how long recovery would take but as it turned out had to start using the hand within a few days but just couldn't return to work for 3 months. For some reason I had logged it in my brain that I wouldn't be able to use hand for 3 months. Sorry if my question seems stupid but it may not seem so bad if you found out that you would be using the foot sooner than the 3 months. May be a word with occupational therapists or someone who will be overseeing your recovery may be able to shed more light on when you will be able to use the foot.

With regard something to do - what about looking into your ancestors? Or perhaps some sort of course which can be done from your computer?

Hope this helps


Hi Gina, I won't repeat myself you know my thoughts on the operation and I don't want to keep boring you! lol

Anyway, I got up and down stairs on my bottom! up going backwards and down sitting on the top and taking one step at a time, with someone to watch or steady me. Then when I was able to walk in the boots I just took one step at a time, sideways hanging onto the rail, and the same coming down. I was so determined to do it my by myself, and you will too as you seem pretty strong minded. Or you can get a commode if you wish! I didn't, hadn't got the room for it so I had to manage.

It's amazing what you can do when you have to, I made sure when someone was in the house I went to the loo.

It was difficult at times because my wrists were so weak too, but I hadn't really got a choice.

You will find a way Gina, no more excuses!!! and believe me your feet will get worse if you don't have it done. It hasn't took long for them to get like they are know.

Time goes by so quickly, I can't believe it's been twelve years since my first operation, and like I've said i don't regret it. Think long term and the benefits, not short term and what you won't be able to do for a while.

Take care

mand xx


Thanks for all your comments and for replying. I think surgeon said I had to keep weight off it for 3 months will xray at 6 weeks & 12 weeks, thought I would be off work for 6 months! Gulp I am a liability, but have income continuance, that I have been paying since I was 18 so hopefully will be ok financially.

Good idea re ancestors, my brother and my husbands cousin have already completed both families, so on a bit of hiding to nothing there, but my great grandfather seems to have been a bit of a character so might look into him.

Will try the drawing, if wrists are up to it, actually think they a bit better after Humira injection today, might be my imagination, but don't seem so swollen.

I'm probably typing too much at work and at home.

Anyway, Mand & everyone, glad of kind support, have to say some of my work mates, don't seem to comprehend RA, at all. I have given up, I sound like a parrot sometimes, its not a touch of Rheumatism, like your shoulder/ back/ neck, its an AUTOIMMUNE disorder.

Toodlepip for now. xxx, Gina.

Still missing Julie 55 :(


Hey Gina ... I might still not be fully "qualified" as a RA sufferer as yet BUT always happy to be on the other side of a screen and listen at a good old rant ... or any other thoughts that crosses one's mind for that matter... and from what I've been reading on here... I'm not the only one !!! Keep positive ! Support you will find if not from your colleagues, who you are not going to see for a while anyway, at least from this crazy virtual world we are all inhabiting ... so be it !! ;-)

Fede XX


Thats true Fede, thanks. Not planning on getting in touch with workies anyway, did that when I was off for few months with initial diagnosis 3 years ago, and it was not a good idea.

Talk soon. Gina


good luck with it all xx


Poor you.

I may have to have an op on my foot and was worried about the bad wrist and crutches situation so I spoke to one of my close friends who is a physio and apparently you can get elbow crutches so you don't have to support all your weight on your wrists - worth asking about.... I think they look like normal crutches except they are angled back slightly so your bear your weight more through your elbows and forearms.



Thanks, yeah will do, but what about pressure on shoulders :)


Hi Gina,

How soon are you going to get this operation?

3 months is a long time, pity you were so far away, I have a 10 month old whirlwind of an angel who's mother would like an afternoon off!!!lol

If it were me, books, movies and a good game of poker....



Ha Wiliby,

If you lived closed, I'd love to mind a 10 month old give you break for hour or two, My kids were all sort of reared by my early 40s and gosh I do miss babies!

They smell so nice & are snuggly & love unconditionally, your so lucky, enjoy the time as does'nt last long:).

Getting 'IT' done 19/10, was going to be Novemebr too near Xmas.

Anyway, am sure I will be able to stay easy for 3 months, probably just as well I had my babies young, how would I cope now? Lucky I only have myself to suit, well as much as any mum ever has :)

xx Gina.


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