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I feel i should change my name on here from Sharon 56 to Sharon 59 as I became 59 on Friday lol. But on here I shall be forever young well youngish lol. Anyway I had a smashing birthday spent with family and friends. I had organised a night out to a local hotel for a Bonjovi Tribute Night with basket meal. We had a great time and even though I was in pain I managed to shake my ample bootie on the floor. Apologies to anyone who witnessed this dancing lol. My two daughters went to it was brill. Only a shame two of my friends couldnt go one in agony waiting for a hip replacement and the other one had a really bad cold. Felt sorry for mini bus driver he must still have our giggling ringing in his ears.

I have missed catching up with you all.

Tomorrow I am starting my new volunteer post at a local church centre. I am a bit nervous but looking forward to it. Hope they dont expect too much of me cause of my brain fog but they all seem lovely and friendly.

Also this week I have to tackle the problem I have been having with the tribunal service over my DLA. HAPPY DAYS

Hope you are having a goodish weekend.

Sharon56 lol

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Hi Sharon

Happy birthday, hope you don't hurt to much. You all seemed to have had a ball.

Take care

Joanne x


Did suffer the day after but it was worth it.


Hi Sharon, wishing you a very Happy birthday, hope you are not suffering too much today. Sounded like a great party!

Good luck with your volunteer post, I'm sure you will be great at it.

Take care xxx


Hi Luthien I hope it goes ok too. Thank you for your kind thoughts.


Hi Sharon good to hear your having fun and that dancing has not caused more problems !!!!!

The very best of luck with your volunteer post xxx


Thank you Miss.


Hi Sharon, I'm just a couple of weeks older than you. Next year is the big one eh? I'm impressed with the dancing. My son and daughter always hide their heads in shame when I dance. It's one sure way I have of truly embarrassing them. Apparently I'm not going to be invited to either of their weddings. Lol. xx


Oh dear Creaky I am sure they will relent lol. Belated Happy Birthday to you.


Happy birthday to all you ladies who have birthdays soon.xxxx


Thank you Sylvi.


Happy birthday, enjoy the last years of your fifties lol and don't u think u r too old for theses shinanegans?

Lol joking I will be the same ... I hope. ! Xxxxx


Hi allanah well they say your as old as the man you feel lol. He s 66 so thats not good.

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Ye but look at the likes of Tom Jones. Late. 70's I think. ? Anyway glad u had a great time , was. Bon Jovi convincing ?


They were ok but I enjoyed the disco more.


Happy birthday Sharon56 glad to hear you enjoyed yourself, at your birthday bash. Hope the new job goes alright and also the appeal for your DLA/ PIP. which ever it is .



Thank you fastball. Cant believe I feel nervous starting a volunteer role.


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