Bunion surgery

Finally had the bunion done, it has been painful for the 5 years I have had RA. Nodules on top of it did not help, or the nodule on the other foot. I stayed overnight at Westmorland General in Kendal, last Thursday. No complaints at all, was comfortable and the staff very pleasant. I have had to come off Leflunamide for two weeks before and after surgery, now that might be interesting........

Now I am BORREDDDDDDD! If I had not had it done I could be (painfully) riding, gardening, walking the dog. I feel well, have abandoned painkillers, but know I should put my feet up as much as possible. It is hot out there, should make the most of it. I could do some embroidery or some tatting but just don't want to. The Hermit is seeing to the garden, the livestock, and the wilting vegetables.

I am looking forward to wearing civilised shoes again, having chucked most of mine out. Extra large wellies or hiking boots were the only things that did not hurt eventually.

My lovely new neighbours came here for a Coffee Morning and Plant Swap the other week, despite dreadful weather we raised a good sum and had a sociable morning. I gave the perfect demonstration for RA Awareness by having a flare-up that morning, but a neighbour manned the kettle and everyone was very kind. Despite this, and NRAS literature available, several of them are convinced they have RA (in one finger!?).

Anyone out there thinking about bunion surgery, watch this space. I will keep you informed.


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  • Hope you recover soon.xxx

  • Thanks, no intention of hanging around in here any longer than necessary! D

  • get well soon and start shoe shopping xx

  • Will look forward to that! D

  • Hi,I too have a bunion & it bl**** hurts!! have had a nodule removed last year & was able to get a decent pair of shoes on after three weeks, but the pain soon came back,been told that I can't have the bunion removed as people with RA are likely to have thin bones, So as you have been able to have yours done I'm going to ask again when I see the rheumy next week,so many thanks for your post, would not have asked if I had not seen it! (I'm having to wear boots 3 sizes bigger to walk the dogs, & "Granny shoes" in extra wide so they slip on the heel & cause blisters) Not a good look :(

  • I had to have a bone density scan first, which was normal. I am 58 and descended from a long line of magnificent bunions, so suppose this is inevitable. Cannot remember anyone having surgery but I can remember some horrific shoes and some interesting er.... modifications done to new shoes with a razor blade.

    I hope you are able to get the bunion sorted, so many people tell me it is well worth having done. Just not much fun at the moment. Dog is ignoring me, chickens peck my toes and the ponies just carry on grazing; a woman on crutches is no use to anyone... D

  • OOh I do envy you the animal friends,sure the dog is just puzzled, my three always seem to know when a flare is coming & they all try to get on my lap at the same time, not always a good thing! But they are so good at cheering me up.Two of them sleep with us, Amber at the bottom of the bed & Connor tucked up into my tummy,he insists on sleeping under the duvet!! Poppy is quite happy to sleep downstairs for which I'm grateful!

  • Hi again, Do you think that as I'm pushing 70 is the reason I can't get any help? Really "down" today, hands sore,but foot pain is horrible,know its the heat,& I could cope with it all if the bunion was not so ****** sore!!! Hope by now the dog is keeping you company, & the chickens have stopped pecking your toes! Cheers G

  • I hope it is not age discrimination. I was warned by another sufferer that I would get more help if I stayed in work and stayed under sixty! Difficult to find out if this is true, will know more next year. Foot pain is so wearying and can be excruciating on a bad day.

    After nearly three weeks I can now take Bethan for short walks, with a crutch. The Hermit is still clearing the ponies' field but at least I can go and see them, gave them a hose-down in the sun the other day.

    Hope you get some help soon. D

  • I have also had bunions removed - three when I was 9 years old, back in 1987, and the final one (they ran out of time during the first op!) five years ago. Both of these were before I was diagnosed with RA (although the surgeons knew I had Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome). The first time around I had to wear plaster casts up to the knee for 6 weeks! Several years ago I just had to wear a special shoe and recovery time took about 6 weeks. It was definitely worth it, although it was painful, my feet are much better now.

  • Oh I don't know - you are useful to me - you have made me grin broadly? Is hermit a term of endearment for your other half? I wish I could send you some of my embroidery which is my employment as hands are too disobliging currently and with the heat etc its only getting more pronounced. Know just what you mean about RA in one finger. A woman showed me her pinkie today which was a bit crooked because she had injured it and told me she worries that it may turn arthritic. My son tried to explain that what I have us different (I was taking a flight of stairs slowly - mindful of stiff knees) and she said "oh is rheumatoid not what this is then?" And unusually for us we just couldn't be bothered to explain - it was too hot and addling! X

  • Get well soon. Bunions are such a pain. I have one too that needs th chop.

  • Thankyou,

  • oh I hope you feel much better very soon and i hope i dont get a bunion it sounds painful xx

  • Thank you, not sure if you can hold off a potential bunion with physio, maybe it would help if caught early enough? G

  • Hi Grumpyfell, Silly question but did it,does it hurt? I'm still deciding if and when to have mine done. i was told I would be out of action for six months and just can't afford such time.x

  • Hi Beaton. It is difficult to make this decision isn't it? Being in pain and knowing that having something done about it will be even more painful for a while.When I met the surgeon he warned me that post-op would be very painful. Having had a foot crushed by a falling pony (see pic!) several years ago, I was pleasantly surprised to find this not too bad in comparison. I took all the painkillers given in hospital but abandoned them after about three days at home. As recommended, I did rest with feet up for most of the day for the first three days, which was very boring. Two and a half weeks on I walk with a crutch out of the house, am driving (automatic) and gardening. I go back in three weeks time for an x-ray and hope to get rid of the boot I am wearing. I hope to start riding again then. The foot that just had rheumatoid nodules is fine, just a little tender.

    Are you sure you were told six months out of action, not six weeks?

    I hope you make the decision that is right for you. D

  • Hi Grumpfell,Thank you for such an informative account. I think I was worried about the time element,with grandchildren to look after etc. but you have given me hope. I shall talk to my GP to get a referral soon. xx

  • Well saw the rheumy,she was totally uninterested in anything I asked, have to put up with the bunion, did not even look at the one thats growing on the other foot,however she has asked for me to have a colonoscopy so not a complete waste of time!I was diagnosed 10 years ago & have yet to meet the consultant, I was told that this appointment would be with him but.... On a more positive note,the mxt seems to really dry my skin,have tried all sorts including E45 cream,but nothing helped,went into Boots they had an offer on Aveedo cream, its wonderful!!! I'd got to the stage where there was a snow storm every time I undressed! Hope you are all coping in this hot weather, lots of rain & thunder all night!

  • I have also experienced bunion pain on and off for about a year but after having my surgery done from Foot Solutions my pain was gone and so was the bunion but that does not mean that I have recovered in a day or two. It took me about 8 weeks to recover from it. With good pain management it was only mildly uncomfortable and slightly inconvenient for a few weeks but now I am happy that I am fully recovered. I wish you a very speedy recovery and hope all your pain goes away soon!

  • Thanks for your good wishes, good to hear of someone else who made a good recovery.

    Well, five months on I have forgotten about my bunion, really feel the benefit of the operation. I can now wear shoes that were poised over the charity bag a few times.

    However, I have a new nodule under one foot, and one on my right hand that catches on everything. Both are starting to hurt. Under the knife again, I suppose.

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