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I have very deformed hands, my fingers go to one side, I cannot flatten my hands. I went to see a consultant about a possible knuckle replacement.. He said it was not advisable as I was on too many drugs! I am taking Methotrexate, folic acid,warfarin and BISPRONOL . I think warfarin is the problem although I had a knee replacement last April and I just stopped warfarin for a couple of days before the op. I found this very depressing, in other words, nothing can be done. I don't think I am on that many drugs, most people with RA seem to be on many more.

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  • Hi Magnolia25,

    I have had the surgery for deformed hands, all four knuckles on my right hand are replaced. Unfortunately my hand is as much deformed as before. I am on sulfasalasine , Metrotrexaat, Plaquenil and prednisolon for the RA . I also have fenprocumon to thinner my blood, I have to stop that before surgery.

    Wish you all the best!



  • Thank you for your reply. Doesn't seem a very successful op. Ido know of someone, albeit in Australia, who had a very successful op and is now able to return to needlework

  • Going through the same, hand surgeon doesn't feel he would like to operate. But I had a spinal op two years ago, came off R A meds a month before and warfarin I think it was just a few days before although I can't remember, and it was fine. Suppose it's their choice whether they feel is risky or justifiable???

  • Thank you for your reply. I don't hold much hope of having this or it being sucessful

  • My hands are bad and I have been told there is nothing they can do. I had my toes straightened a few years ago. Left foot is now worse and right foot is painful to walk on - it is something to do with the op. I too miss knitting and sewing.

  • Hi, I have had four knuckle joints on my right hand replaced for plastic ones for the same reason. I had the operation done under local anaesthetic as I couldn't have general anaesthetic, might be worth a mention to your consultant. Hope you get things sorted. Let me know how you get on xx

  • This is what I had hoped, to have it done under a local. I might try another consultant. When I first saw him, a few years ago he said it had to be under GA

  • I couldn't have General Anaesthetic because of chest and lung problems. My hand is still stiff and sore but the pain is no way as bad as it was. The Consultant said he couldn't guarantee it being completely straight. It was for a few years but now going back over, but it was still worth it to get rid of the awful pain I was having with it. Hope you manage to get it sorted x

  • I had a RA doctor tell me that my arthritis was too bad for any surgery. I had thumb surgery and a broken knuckle replaced since. I have had RA since 1978.

    Both hands have had the knuckles replaced. Both wrists have been fused.

    I am on Mrtotrexate, Folic Acid, Forteo injections, retuxin, calcium and weekly allergy shots. And prednisone, Amlodipine.

    The knuckles in right had were done in 1987 and left hand in 2013.

  • Are your hands any better since surgery? You are on more drugs than me although I am on warfarin.

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