When I lived in the states I found I had a bunionette which is on the right side of the foot and 1/2 inch below little toe. The podiatrist removed it in his office after numbing the area and all was well.

Now I have the same problem (UK) and no one seems to do this procedure unless I am put out for surgery which I don't want. Does anyone have this condition and what have they done? Plasters don't seem to help and I would have it done in the states except IF I have to go to hospital the price would be tremendous with no insurance there.

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  • I've only had conservative treatment for Tailor's Bunion - similar to drfoot.co.uk/Tailors_Bunion...

  • Thanks ITYFIALMCTT for that information. The bump doesn't stick out like the link you sent - it seems to be underneath, but then possibly it might 'grow' in that direction. I HATE feet!

  • My tailor's bunion was sparked off by inflammation from my rheumatoid arthritis. So rheumatologist injected steroid into the underlying joint and it's calmed down enough to manage with just soft padding.

    I imagine that surgery for all types of bunions is pretty low down the list of NHS priorities, but I have heard of it being done under local in outpatients.

  • Thank you helix - I think you're right about it being low on the list. I will definitely check on the local in outpatients.

  • Hi I have exactly the same thing as you, same foot same place, I have always been told that there is nothing that can be done for a tailors bunion, as surgery would be very very painful and take a long time to get over. All I do now is put a bunion pad over it to help protect it from getting sore when I am wearing shoes, it's the only thing I have found to help. Sorry I can't give you anymore advice than that.

  • Hi jillab, my experience was somewhat different when I initially had it done 30 years ago. I went to a podiatrist (USA) and in the office he did the procedure in one half hour. But you're right in the fact that any operation on the foot weakens it. He stitched it up and I had the stitches out three weeks later. It was such a long time ago I forget what pain or the amount of healing time, etc.

    Now it's back and I find myself walking differently which is irritating. The stupid little bone has returned which is inexplicable - how do you grow another a bone in the same place? So I'm going to see a specialist in the future and find out what is the least intrusive way it can be removed. Sorry you have the same thing and I'll update you on further information - maybe times have changed with newer technology I'm hoping!

  • A tailor's bunion can be 'treated' so surgery isn't always necessary, in fact it's often a last resort because they can be improved & even go with the help of my Podietrist in my instance. They're different from bunions in that respect, bunions can't be eased & surgery is the only option when they're painful. That said any foot operation is the last resort really, when there's no other option for obvious reasons.

    Have you had it confirmed it's a tailor's bunion & not a deformed 5th MT, or even a cyst?

  • Thanks for your information nomoreheels. I think you may be right in thinking it could be a cyst because it doesn't stick out like the pictures I googled up for bunionettes. I now plan on seeing a podiatrist to glean more insight. You give me hope in that a tailor's bunion can be improved without surgery. (Or whatever it is that I have) I DID go to one podiatrist who turned out to be a 24 year old girl who mainly cut toenails, etc. But there's bound to be a sound professional that can get to the bottom of my problem.

    Many thanks!

  • If the bump, lump or whatever it proves to be isn't above your 5th MT (little toe joint) then it's unlikely to be a tailor's bunion, just thinking but maybe you could relate to this info epainassist.com/joint-pain/...

    Have you asked your Rheumy to refer you to a Podietrist or did you seek one out? I hope whatever it turns out to be it's not causing pain & there's a quick & easy solution if it is causing you problems. Meantime a wider fitting sandal or shoe could help somewhat, until you're seen anyhow.

  • Where the little toe ends, it's about a half inch down. Thanks so much for that link. I'm going to print it out and take it to the podiatrist. You have been VERY helpful and I appreciate it!

  • You're welcome. I hope you get sorted.

  • I have a few friends that have had their bunions operated on at the hospital unfortunately you have to be prefared to stay of your feet for 6 weeks this gives your foot time to heal properly make appointment with your GP she will arrange for you to be seen at the foot clinic. The Dr there will tell you when you can get it done.

  • I have a bunionette too, I have been using corn cushions and that helps a lot while I wear shoes. Wow, mine looks exactly like the picture.

  • Thanks Tinwoman and Margaret for your advice. I just sent away for corn cushions on Amazon. Since I already have arthritis in my right foot I probably will forego any operations that weaken the foot. It's so ironic - I've spent years in comfortable tennis shoes and never crunched my foot into fashionable high heels, but things hit the fan no matter what!

  • I had a buinionette / tailors bunion. It developed as a result of breaking my metatarsal. It got really big and painful so I had it surgically removed (day surgery). I'm not sure if the bad heal after breaking it contributed to the decision to operate, but my toe had to have a metal rod inserted, and was shortened during the op. I recall at the time being told the bone growth was osteoarthritis over compensating for the trauma.

    I have a huge bony growth on my collar bone too. The consultant keeps an eye on it - if it grows much bigger they will whip it off!

  • Thanks for the info JEM - and a metal rod inserted in big toe? Hope it doesn't interfere with your walking. Actually when I think back, I had tailor bunions in both feet, but the left one isn't as bad as the right.

    I have a fat pad on the back of neck also. It was funny because when I was in the states I checked my mom and sister and said 'you don't have this.' (indignation) I didn't realize it might 'grow.' Where do these things come from?! Purely from a cosmetic point of view, that's another item on my bucket list! (so far it's remained the same though)

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