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Surgery for Hallux Valgus, Hallux Limitus, Hallux Rigidus


The Hallux Valgus is mild. The Hallux Limitus is mild (not much arthritis). My second toe is shorter than my first. The pain and swelling is mostly IN BETWEEN the BIG TOE AND THE SECOND TOE. The joint itself doesn't hurt that much, yet I am having surgery to correct the hallux valgus because the sesamoid bone is slightly moved into the first webspace (between the big toe and the second toe).

Does this make sense? Did you have this surgery and if so did it help pain in the first webspace? When I wear thick soled sandals a snap happens in the first webspace (maybe impinging nerve), but it's NOT like an electric shock. The second toe is lifting up.

I'm about to have bunion removed on side of big toe removed with internal fixation using orthopro implant.

I can walk a little bit okay without much pain, but can't even do household chores, barely run errands, normal every day activities become so painful and throbbing that I end up limping and having to sit down because I can't walk on it.

I'm only in my 30's and was bummed when I had to stop running because of a knee problem and now would be grateful just to walk again for more than a few minutes.

Have you had this surgery? Has it helped? Could it be something else? (Side note: I have a lot of other pain: electric shocks in the webspaces of the foot, cramping of the foot, back pain from tailbone and scoliosis).

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Hi, I had this surgery 2 1/2 years ago. I had the same problem with my big toe, and the next toe had dislocated and gone over the big toe....hammer toe. It was very painful, and I was having problems with walking, so I was referred for surgery.....eventually.

The bunion was removed from the big toe, and repaired with screws and metal rod. The next toe was straightened, with a long rod inserted, which was removed after 6 weeks.

My mobility has improved, but I am left with no feeling in the second toe, which is completely stiff. I also have residual pain in my lower foot and big toe.

I have started having similar problems with the other foot, and am currently awaiting an appointment with a specialist rheumatology podiatrist, to see if there is any alternative to surgery. I am really fearful, but know that if my toes get any worse, and if the podiatrist can't help, I may be forced to accept the need for further surgery.

I'm afraid that this may not be very encouraging, but only you know how bad the pain is, and how much it is affecting your mobility. I would say that if you are doubtful about the operation, get as much information as you can, explore all the options, and don't feel pressured to make an immediate decision, wait until you are sure.

Good luck, I hope you get this sorted out in the best way for you, and that whatever you decide it works out well.

Best wishes, M x


Thank you, yes the second toe is coming up, but they're just correcting the hallux valgus and removing the bunion. I hope this will help the pain under the second toe because I haven't been able to do much, even simple household chores without extreme pain for 2 1/2 years.


It sounds to me as if you need more information before agreeing to surgery. keep in mind that managing a long term condition requires a partnership between ourselves, who manage from day to day, and the medical team who see us occasionally. They have the specialist knowledge, we have the personal knowledge.

In your situation, I think I would write to the consultant with my queries (this process would help me with the decision making steps as well) after doing as much research as I could of various options. If this did not give a satisfactory result, then I would ask for a second opinion. But I'm not you, so you have to balance the options yourself. But once you have the surgery, there is no going back from that decision, so take your time.


Thank you, I haven't been able to do much, even simple household chores without extreme pain for 2 1/2 years and so far have only been given orthotic foot pads after many opinions from Podiatrists and Orthopedic Surgeons. Been researching this for as long and the surgical options are fairly varied. Been a rough 30's and unable to do normal activities of daily living!


I had surgery on my left foot some 8 years a go. It was successful in that it straightened the big toe, they reduced a bone in the 2nd toe as it was longer than the big toe. It stopped the pain & enabled me to walk much better. I said that I wouldn't have the other foot done as I felt that although it had helped it still wasn't 100%.

Now I need the other foot doing as it's done exactly the same, I'd forgotten how much pain the other foot had caused before surgery, my right foot is now very painful & I can't walk very far. The second toe has gone "walkabout" & there is a big bunion. My whole foot hurts & I'm having problem getting shoes. unfortunately due other health issues I can't have surgery at the moment.


I'm afraid of the not 100% because I'm studying for a better position that requires bending, walking. I'm in FitFlop boots right now, even though it's 85 degrees. They're the only thing I can wear. Buy the shrug ones on sale online at Sole Provisions. Buy them one size smaller bc they run really big. Still can fit orthotics or foot pads. I can't wear any other shoe, even gym shoes, comfort shoes, etc.


Here's the link for the boots I can wear and quite on sale from what I paid.

They also make a sandal with strap called Bon. I had tried every comfort shoe brand known to man and couldn't barely walk a few steps in them until I found these. This should really help!


Good luck to you...I'm sorry you have to go through this...I have also developed a hallux vagus recently on my right foot, and although it is still starting I'm sure at some point it will definitively consider this surgery. However, I hear they can come back. Will keep following your post for updates .


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