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Feeling rougher after surgery?

Hi everyone,

Long story short I had to go in for an emergency surgery about 3 weeks ago and directly after the surgery I did not have as many RA symptoms, the pain was mostly soreness from the surgery and tiredness. After 3 weeks of slowly getting myself back together my RA seems to be coming back with a vengeance, last night my ankle was so bad I couldn't sleep, my knees feel like they are grating away and the headaches are starting (although they are probably not an RA thing...)

Have any of you had anything similar happen?



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I can't tell if you are trying to be funny or are seriously suggesting getting an eating disorder to try and reduce the symptoms or RA. Maybe I should have tagged this post as a serious post.


Hi JulezH

Kai is not trying to be funny, well not how you mean.

He has a serious point - namely fasting* (nil by mouth in your case) can, according to some, alleviate the symptoms of auto-immune conditions.

Returning to the eating habits we were on previously then brings it back again. So the theory goes.

The theory is that certain foodstuffs trigger our conditions, ergo avoiding them has opposite effect, to a point. Trick is identifying said foodstuffs and avoiding henceforth. Easy peasy 😀

Looks like it may be worth further research in your case.

I should probably add that total rest and / or stronger painkillers post surgery could also have been a factor



*fasting not always required


I have found when in hospital (for things not connected with RD) the body does seem easier but I think for me this disease does not like my joints to be used so when you are doing nothing in hospital things are calmer then as you get better and start being 'normal' RD rears up again. Have you also had a break from meds due to the surgery? Farm

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My meds were the same throughout my stay in hospital. I think you are right that when in hospital you are forced to do nothing. I couldn't leave the hospital bed so maybe this gave all my joints a chance to relax a bit.


They say that total bed rest isn't a good thing as it causes our joints to 'seize' up and our muscles to waste away (remarkably quickly), which when we return to our feet then loads our joints more causing more damage and so a vicious cycle is instigated.

Personally I think from my own experiences, so totally anecdotally, that sometimes being in a hospital environment removes us from the stresses of everyday life. Perhaps running around after the children, running around at and worrying about work, after loved ones and on and on.

When we are forced to lie down and know that we cannot possibly do the usual stuff, it becomes someone else's problem and our bodies breath a sigh of relief. Maybe.

And maybe, just maybe this is another factor in 'hospital induced recovery syndrome' (I made that up by the way😬).

Anyway, I'll stop rambling on now, but yes you aren't the only one to notice this pattern. Personally I'm always on a bit of a high when in hospital but seem to crash back down within a day or two of returning home (mentally that is). Maybe that's another factor....




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