Back from Glasto

Back from Glasto

well amazing is hardly the word, incredible, mind blowing , awesome come to mind. How do you describe an experience you had in a hot field with 300,000 people, well in Jaggers words Cool!

The disabled campsite was incredible, with shuttle buses, pick up buses to and from car parks, buses to the circus and main areas. Viewing platforms so you didn't get knocked over or banged in the crowd. amazing campfires at the campsite every night with lots of stories and drinking!

Giant spiders in Arcadia which had acrobats hanging off them blowing fire. Giant water towers, park, rabbit holes if you got through you got a massage. Healing fields where you could have a cleansing gong shower, yes a shower with someone banging a gong around you to cleanse your spirits. Huge King Arthur tables, giant fairies, policemen with daisies in their hair and so so much more.

Musically well...the stones, primal scream, rufus wainwright, the stripes, dizzee rascal. Kenny Rogers, Arctic monkeys, Mumford and sons, the vaccines, vampire weekend , all stood out for me.

Met some amazing people and had lots of chat and sitting having picnics and dancing together.

The paths were great as it was sunny and there are loads of perks for disabled, such a ...backstage passes. I rocked the night away in hospitality and behind the pyramid stage and saw the sunrise at the park stage, i couldn't believe i managed to stay up!!!!!

Went to block 9 and amazing place with usa style blocks with real cars crashed into the sides of them. Went into a few gay/transvestite bars which were incredible , brilliant show and made a few new friends there.

so it was exhausting ,exhilarating and wish I was back there!!

Any of you who know me go on my facebook page i will put up photos later, if u dont and wanna message me i will pass it on.

ok , have a great day, off to start resting and washing!!! and the picture, I had a little hug and chat with Michael Eavis!!

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  • Wow Allanah! I don't have Facebook but if you don't mind blogging some more and adding photos that would be fab. We watched out for you several nights while watching all the bands you have named. I told my husband all about you very boastfully and have just shown him your pic with Michael Eavis - whom I'm delighted had the wit to spot an extra star when you showed up. Husband was seriously impressed and has decided that we will be doing Glastonbury ourselves in a couple of years time. You're inspirational woman! Xx

  • I don't go down the front any more!! It's too darned painful to get bashed and pushed so I go on the viewing platformswhere u don't get knocked and can sit but see over the crowds , we have a party ourselves up there!! Inspirational ha ha , I think not, just daft!!! Hope you register and go we could be on the disabled gorgeous campsites together with their showers and kettles etc!!

  • Yes the way I'm feeling tonight it's very possible (can't move - think I overdid it earlier?) but hubby wanted me to ask - can he stay with us in the disabled gorgeous campsite with the showers and kettles or is he to be relegated to mud and bumping bodies to get to the communal toilets? xx

  • PS he went green with envy at the thought of Nick Cave - didn't know he was there?! x

  • Oh yeah, dirty boy . Omg, couldn't take my eyes off him, even though I wanted too!! He was on before the primel scream then the stones!!

  • Oh yeah, dirty boy . Omg, couldn't take my eyes off him, even though I wanted too!! He was on before the primel scream then the stones!!

  • U can have three friends with you, disabled people have priority to showers and toilets. But then ur friends and families can use them. One person can be a PA, personal assistant , and go on platforms with u, the others cannot go on the platforms but can stand to the side or front but u can go on the fields with them and not use platforms if u prefer.

    Word of warning it is still extreme camping the toilets r less dirty than the rest of the site but still get full and smelly until the van comes to empty them. and it is a HUGE site at the end of the day. U have to register every person who wishes to attend on the glastonbry site to get a registration number with a photo seperately before u can even try for a ticket.

    But you can drive ur equipment onto the disabled site to drop it so u cAn maybe then take camp beds as u don't need to cArry onto this site. The other sites which r not disabled are a long walk with you carryingur equipment so u would have to prove your immobility to them, dla or letter from rheumy has counted for me in the past so u can use the disAbled site. Any other questions just ask.

  • In one programme there was a couple in such a posh tent with a proper king dice double bed and even a dresser with ornaments? Would this be some yert they paid fortunes for or brought with them - it was smarter than our room at home (not saying that much!)? Xx

  • Its called camp kerkala. Its on the glasto website but run privatly. Its about 2 thousand if I remember rightly and a long way out of the site, so u miss the night entertainment I think. The tipis are for hire at one thousand but when it raons the rain pours in through the hole in the ground.!

  • Well my bedroom doesn't suffer from this anyway. And that would leave us penniless for the whole year so I'll just have to come as your pal and tell hubby he's on his own in amongst the normal people with normal incomes I reckon. X

  • Good idea!

  • U need to make ur mind up and register as the tickets go on sale every October for the year after and were 205 pounds. This is for wed to monday . On top of that is ur food and drink and 25 pounds car park although I think disabled cars are free with blue badge.

  • Thanks Allanah. It certainly wouldn't be next year as we will have two boys at uni and one still at home - plus two dogs. There's no way we could afford it. Our sons have been to T-in the Park and Download and tonight eldest son was going to see Bonjovi in Glasgow so we have a vague idea of what's involved financially. But getting down from Orkney would be half the battle for us anyway. Xx

  • Well hope to do it with u in two years xx

  • Jeez more untrue inspirational stuff, no just lusting after Mick, nick cave and the guitarist of the vaccines lol

  • Ahhh Allanah I am just far too jealous to talk to you, I will go on to facebook and glare at your photos.

    Oh like NIck Cave, didn't realise he was there. You adventurous thing you, love the photo.

  • Don't be jealous, just get well so u can come!

  • WOW i am so jealous. Really am going to think seriously about going next year. Thank you for inspiring me. xxx

  • Jeez at this rate I will do myself out of a ticket!!! Xxx

  • I'm hoping not to be disabled enough to qualify in two years time Allanah - but am imobized tonight having tried to keep up my normal exercise routine from a pre-flare state! So I can imagine qualifying at least..! Its looking like there'll be tons of us from this site - an HU party? X

  • There r people there with minor disabilities as I put it, my friend has mild cerebral palsy but it would still be hard for her without support, she describes it as minor!! Some people have autism, some had help the heroes guys, so lots of different people. U justhave to tell them why it would be hard for u to do the 4 hour walk in carrying things. They try to be veRy helpful normally.

  • So jealous! Lol

    Wow sounds like you had an amazing time :-) I'm pretty annoyed that the Isle of Wight restarted their festivals after I'd moved away to the Isle of Man. Damned inconsiderate! :-(

    Don't think I'll ever make it to Glasto so I will just have to live the experience through you Allanah :-)

    Hugs JoJo Xx

  • When ur treatment works we will all be there. I actually am still waiting to see if my Humira will work but I just have to go for it, there are wheelchairs and electric scooters for hire which I used when I was really exhausted, much easier when it's dry!

  • So pleased you had a good time

  • Thanks Sylvie, it was a blast!

  • Sounds like heaven Allanah!. Glad it lived up to your expectations. I watch on TV every year and always wish I could go but can't stand for more than a few minutes and often can't walk far so have assumed it's out of the question. You've given me pause for thought! Were you able to get everywhere you wanted easily or were you restricted to staying where the bus first dropped you off? x

  • No even the fittest of people would never cover it in a weekend. I took it slow, used the bus, walked through the cut throughs allowed. Luckily it. Was warm so everyone just chilled in the fields, my PA carried a camping chair so I could sit.

  • Favourite blog ever! Glad you had fun Allanah and wish I had been there. We'd love to see some pics at NRAS and think your Glasto story would be great for the next members magazine! Think my colleague Andrew might get in touch :)

  • No probs!

  • Sounds like you had a great time and from you pic on your other blog an amazing view at times! Arcadia looked amazing from the sofa must have been brilliant to actually have been there to see it in the flesh...they were interviewing some of the performers and their faces just lit up when they talked about it:) some people were moaning... not on here!... about the Stones only being shown for an hour... but hey ho it is a festival that people pay good money for to see live bands. X

  • Ye festival spots r normally only 45 mins and headliners get a couple of hours but for me that one hour was amazing and special! They r doing shows t Hyde park if u wanna pay loads to see them but they will fill them in with the psychedelic stuff so one hour of hit after hit was amazing.

    Arcadia, the healing files, green peace field, pussy parlour and dance fields and circus fields have to be experienced to believe it!

  • Ha ha....Heard of the pussy parlour but what's that all about?? Nice Pic up above by the way...are you going to get it framed?

  • It's in the cabaret section, it's a full western saloon, with glass doors, chandeliers, showgirls and acrobatics amazing place. Mm good idea might put some in a frame!

  • Sounds as if you had a great time.

    Mary x

  • Thanks Mary, it was fun, wanna go back and live in my magical pixie land with the fairies and the nick cave devil!

  • Hey welcome back and glad you had such a fab time, the facilities sound really good. Was looking a the WOMAD site the other day, they have something called Lah di dah Loos, like the sound of them!!

    Ronnie xx

  • Glasto has the powder room but its hours outside the site!! Would be bursting when u get there!

  • You look great hippie chic!! I didnt recognise you compared with the profile piccie xx.

    Pleased it went well xx

  • Ye need to change it !RA and steroids taken their toll!

  • Think you look great at glastonbury x

  • Allanah - you are amazing!!!! What a great zest for life you have. I have been in the doldrums for too long now - I shall use you as my wanabee. xxxxx

  • Oh tell me what u want, what u really really want, I wanna be a zigazigaaaa!!!!!

  • Ha ha do realise that you have just lost all musical credibility now don't you? Barry Manilow and Spice Girls...oh dear.

  • Lol one day just like Abba people will look backand call Barry and the spice girls ...legends lol xx

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