V festival!!

V festival!!

Well just back from V festival which in Weston Park was VERY wet. The disabled campsite was very good as were the platforms, but still a lot of walking. So tired today and now packing for Leeds festival and looking forward to the Foo fighters and the Cure.

My joints are screaming louder than me at the moment but I can rest all winter!! The picture is of me Katy and her best friend on the platform before the Stone Roses came on. Will let you know how Leeds is and what their disabled facilities are like!!

Here we , here we , here we bleep go!!!!!!! Axx

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  • Good for you... life needs to be tackled head on.

    I love the cure. Who else is playing.?

    My favorite festival is glasto.

    Go enjoy yourself... have a ball.

    Carole x x

  • I love Glasto too and have done T in the Park and Leeds for many years. But this is the first with Ra. Kasabian, Foos, the cure, 2 door cinema club, all there !! So far great summer, Corfu gorgeous, then V which David Guetta and the Gossip came over the best for me and the legend that is Tom Jones!!

    The Gossip sang "standing in the way of control, we will live our lives" which moved most of us on the platforms to tears and has become an anthem for me now.

    Maybe we can go together to the disabled park....they have SHOWERS!! as my girls will want to go on their own in the next few years, the more the merrier lol XXXXA

  • Sounds wonderful allanah! Kasabian are brilliant live but The Cure are my all time favourite. Very envious or well jel, as my younger friends would say!

  • An Carole, I am with you about The Cure, my all time favourite and. I still love Disintegration, Kiss Me and Wish even tho they must be 20 years old! And as for Robert Smith .....

    Carole x (coincidence about the name!)

  • If you girls prefer Glastonbury but not want to get muddy. Pay a visit to Wells at the time and you will be able to hear it for free! I know the atmosphere will not be the same but you will still be able to hear all. My sister lives in Wells and listens to the festival each summer in her back garden!

  • You lucky thing, i am pleased you had a good time. You will have plenty to look back on during the winter. You will be able to tell us what you have forgotten later on. You go and have a good time. xxx

  • xxxxx((()))A

  • About listening from Wells, the whole thing about Glasto is that u could go the whole week and not even go to the main stages and still be busy!! Its the whole walking into the tent and there being a mermaid in a tank that gets me!!!! Or hearing a hoedown and it being the magic numbers just playing or guy garvey doing a karaoke!!! and my brother dressed as madness with a Fez and a bloke dressed as Scooby doo stealing it off his head and the two of them running round the stone circles in a pretend benny hill chase! So funeeeee. And Georje I love the mud....weird i know !!!!

    So exhausted this morning , waiting on the girls getting their GCSE results then will pack the car and off to Leeds. My moment I think will be "All my life" by the Foos, (note to me, need to make sure I dont headbang or i will damage my neck more!!)xxxxxxxx Axx

  • I am so jealous of you Allanah, who are the cool kids with you

  • The blonde on the right is my daughter Katy and her best friend is the brunette Lucy . they are both 15 but ususally get taken for older!! And I am the young looking woman in the middle...i wish..just young in the head!Axx

  • Great, glad the effort was worthwhile.....but each to their own as like the music but hate the crowds now! Polly

  • Ye but when u on the platforms you dont get crowded! Axx

  • I love your enthusiasm for rock festivals Allanah - you sound so undefeated by the RA just now and it's great keep it up! TTx

  • I hope so, just the girls will be wanting to go without me so dont know what i'll do!!!Axx

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