Back from Scotland

Well, Like Matty travelling back from Ireland I got back from travelling to Scotland for the funeral today. I thought i would tell all you guys about it.

Dont read on if your fed up as i am gonna talk about the funeral.!!

Well if a funeral could be nice, it was nice!! We arrived at the church which is called our lady of the sea and it is in a fishing port on the coast. Loads of people came, family, friends , people from my childhood. It was lovely as my uncle and aunt wanted a formal black suit and clothes do, i thought that would be so depressing , but everyone looked so smart and beautiful. The church was lovley and modern inside although it is very old outside which was a surprise. My Uncle coped remarkably well during the day.

Then we had a 20 procession to the crematorium along the beautiful west coast of scotland, my auntie chose it even though it meant a drive for us all, but i could see why. I HATE these things , but this one, well, it was modern, a quick ceremony but looking with a huge picture window behind the priest onto the hills and down to the really took your mind into being comforted and happy.:) And they had a no noise curtain around the coffin, when they gave you time just to say goodbye in your own time, not rushed or very final, Also it was good as they didnt move the body till we were all away, again so much better.

Then back to the village to a friendly hotel, got lovely thick Scotch broth and sandwiches and sausage rolls, and everyone chatted and laughed, saw people i hadnt seen for thirty years! And had a traditional Scottish wake. :) :) We were wishing Auntie was with us , she would have loved her funeral, but you know we have had many family get togethers, i know she planned it that way :)

So drove home this morning, tired but just a bit relieved its over, it was so hard when she was in the hospice. I was proud of Katy and hubby, mixing so well with people they didnt know from my school etc.But straight back into the brink, Katy had to go Back to school and drama practice and interviews at school tonight. But i will enjoy the normality whilst i can!!

hugs Axx

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  • Hi Allanah, this brought tears to my eyes, what a lovely blog, it is so heart warming to know that it went really well for you and your family take care XXx

  • Oh I said don't read as I didn't wanna upset anyone! But thanks it was lovely xx

  • Allanah,it is nice when funerals are a pleasant experience. When i die i want everyone to wear pink. It was a lovely blog. Glad you got home safe and

  • Sorry if this is duplicate, the reply button isn't going well! I want a cremation with only the necessary officials there , me in a cardboard box, and my ashes scattered at Glencoe. :) my daughter want horses and carriages, flowers, an orchestra, and everyone to cry.. A lot !! Lol

  • Please it went off ok was it a burial? or cremation, I often wonder which is easier to bear?.

    Thinking of you xx

  • It was a church funeral then a cremation then a hotel lunch, and thanks xxx

  • Hi so pleased it all when of ok for you. It sounds like a beautiful part of the world to be in xx

  • Yes it's beautiful, I go as often as I can xx

  • I'm really glad it was a moving and joyous occasion Allanah - that's exactly how i'd like mine to be - don't care what people wear - if it helps them feel better then wear black but if not go for pink like Sylvi (I'm not really a pink kind of lass though - more turquoise, purples and blues!). My aunt's funeral was similarly wonderful in it's way - and she was cremated in a cardboard coffin she asked her children and grandchildren to decorate - ashes scattered in her garden in Duddingston by my uncle who is a typical Scot - full of noise and macho bravado but very emotional if you scratch even a bit!

    My mum arrived for my wonderful aunt's funeral at Duddingston Church, Edinburgh, in slippers. She was to be giving the address and my uncle was furious with her but she had pruchased them in the airport duty free because when she arrived her foot had swollen up and was excruciatingly painful for some reason. She saw the red cross doctor at Heathrow airport and they were baffled - said it wasn't gout or cellulitis and wondered if some kind of inflammatory arthritis? Typical mum she just forgot about it and it happened to the other foot later too but she never bothered with doctors. It makes me wonder in retrospect though! We all had soup and sandwiches afterwards looking out over Duddingston Loch and it was very lovely actually. Scotland is obviously the place for funerals! Tilda xx

  • That sounds lovely, and your mum could then be your link to RA! Thanksxx

  • Allanah, thank you for sharing. It sounds like it all went beautifully. Your aunt had obviously thought of you all when she planned it. God Bless her.

    Love Janet xxx

  • Thanks Janet. I think you are right,vs he in some ways was lucky enough to know her cancer was terminal but had time to plan and sort things out and yeah she did a good job. Xxx

  • That sounds like the most pleasant and peaceful way to leave your people! Looking out over the ocean would be so calming!

    Reminds me of what I have thought about for years. What I want to do, if I have a warning of time left to do things, I want to have a Gathering of all my friends and family and even casual acquaintenaces, so I could see them all one more time, Before I leave. But I don't know what to call it, to put on the invitations. "Loret's Legacy Party."? I would have all my memorabilia stacked and on display on a table. Like all my Journals, my paintings, even the stepping stones I have painted flowers and birds on. The embroideries and other crafts I have made over the years. Maybe even some of my recipes they like. It has always occured to me at funerals, to think , the deceased would have loved seeing all these people and chatting with them one more time. Don't know if my family would go along with this idea! Music and dancing and good food. Maybe I would make my famous Sauerkraut Balls :) Lordy, that means I should start now and accumulate them in the freezer!

    Enough fantasy, must get the day started. All the best to all, Loret

  • That sounds like a lovely do although as well as German food you may need some French food around now!! love Axx

  • Oh gosh, you're right. He will be here next weekend, for Easter!

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