back, half dead, but very happy xx

hello my friends. OMG Leeds fest was the most amazing ever but the well second hardest festival I have ever done!!

The hardest was the year about six years ago when we got flooded out of Glastonbury.

This year we camped with "Attitude is everything" on the disabled site and I met SO many new friends, who i called Pot Noodle Man, my Babbees, Wobble Man, Huggie, Heavy Metal girl, I think you can guess from our nicknames what they were like! But Thursday it started, first a 2 and a half non stop thunder and lightening storm, so immediate floods etc. We had a problem that the rain came down so quickly the silent disco tent collapsed and unfortunately three were hurt but not seriously ( i was stewarding so very busy night). Then WE had a baby, as in leeds fest staff and a lady lol, not on my shift thankfully!.

But the mud kept coming. Rained non stop for five days. Being seasoned festival types me and Katy had prepared and our tents were flooded in the porches but dry in the bed areas, so all her friends crashed into katy tent and the Katy and her boyfriend came into mine with me and my brother and the laughs we had!!

Green day stormed it as did a new band called the stripes who are SO cool, i felt a bit weird though cos they are 15 years old!! Unbelievable band and one to watch!

Had a few funnee moments when drunk kids came up to me asking me the way to the silent disco about midnight, i saw them ,as we were going back to the tent ,about three minutes further on asking another steward the way as they had forgotten what I said, then further another 5 mins asking another steward, we all had a great laugh and wondered if those kids ever actually made it to the disco~!!

Back now, but we have so much stuff covered in mud but we all have flu!!! so it can stink for a few days more lol. RA not so bad after the steroid for my flare so i coped well and my life saver of a high camp bed worked again!!

Hope you are all keeping well and pain free and will look round the site tomorrow when i am not so!!!! :) A

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  • thank god you had a high camp bed... and wellies?? lol x

  • Lol Summer, this 53 old had waterproof trousers, waterproof coat and thick socks weenies and wAterproof gloves.... Daughter and her friends sort shorts willies tight and a poncho! They looked cool but I was dry ha ha xx

  • v sensible xx

  • Sensible me?

  • just in the clothing stakes lol??!!

  • ;)

  • OMG sounds like you had an amazeballs time (I'm a Miranda fan.....!!!)......such fun!

    Really glad your RA was held at bay....hope the you kick the flu quickly. Take care xxx

  • Thanks! Exhausted but wish I was back there lol xx I can rest all winter xxxxx

  • And you talk about me doing too much! Glad you had a good time - hope you managed to stay out of the mud. LavendarLady x

  • Spot on ll! U know me so well, I dish it out and don't follow it myself ! But no i was knee high in mud , and as happy as a pig in it ha ha , low immunity ooooops lol

  • Wow you really do well!!! Wished i had some of your energy.Happy to hear the dratted ra behaved xx

  • Lol just like to fight it, won't let it beat me ha ha , though it does lol xx

  • Loved to have met your kids the next day, hungover no doubt! Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself. Rest up now. xxx

  • Cheers takeaway just ordered xxx

  • Welcome back

    Have you got a Shewee and can you recommend? I'd never heard of them until a colleague told me about them, just googled and they even do a Festival Survival kit, complete with Shewee

    Have a good rest, hope flu clears up soon, you've got plenty of reading to do on here to catch up!! X

  • Find she wee hard to use but toilet johns r great as they hold the urine and turn it into a gel so it doesn't spill!

  • Lah, lah lah. Trying not to read this, being a bloke. :-)

  • Plus you have an inbuilt advantage!! Glad options have moved on since my festival days, am thinking of going next year.........

  • Lol we will all have to get together then!!

  • It's not at all sexist blokes can pee into them as well

  • Stop it you two! I'm blushing. Lol

  • allanah good to hear from you, you are a great advocate for all of us here, now I need to stop reading your posts, get out of my chair and start copying the things that you do. I am definitely going to a festival next year, well even a concert would do, or maybe a pub with a bit of singing, yes I will definitely get out of my chair.

    hope the flu disappears soon

  • Great Mads, see u there!

  • Great Mads, see u there!

  • Great to have you back, damp but un bowed!

  • Damp wet but big smile on my face your holiday must be soon?

  • Another two weeks then off to Budapest :-)

  • Brilliant Bet that's brilliant

  • was wondering where you were, oh Alannah, you are so AWESOME!!! can I be your groupie and follow you around to all these awesomy places? xx

  • If You Look

    Like your picture! !

  • You'll have me in tow too - although it will have to be the moaning ghost probably because I hate daddy long legs and they arrive in festival season of course so you'd end up cursing me! Lovely to get you back. I'm away tomorrow for a few days myself. Tilda x

  • Hate those things but didn't get any in the tent! Have a great trip away and keep well xxxxx

  • Glad U had fun. Sounds like an eventful time. Hope the flu soon passes.


  • Hiya, feeling better today, had a great morphine sleep ! ! Xx

  • Glad you had a brilliant time Alannah! You're my inspiration, I hope I can do some of the stuff you do in the future! :-)

  • Lol don't know about inspiration, daft maybe! But you have made me think I couldn't move for the first year. I am now due to massive steroid doses. I come off the steroids the end of the month and Rheumy doesn't think my humours is working , so I hope you will stand by me if it all rears its ugly head again ! Thanks A

  • Glad to hear your home safe and sound albeit with the flu,the price we pay for stepping over the ra line sadly. It sounds like you had a smashing time Alannah,but unlike the others i won't be following in your footsteps,i like my home comforts too much. I have never been a festival type of person. I used to go to concerts back in the day,but they were all in halls so i didn't get filthy. Glad you enjoyed it

  • My hubby is the same Sylvie, although he will hill climb and paraglide, but in good weather!

  • I am afraid i am like your hubby minus the hill climbing and the paragliding. I must be getting old my friend!!!!

  • Hi Allanah, that sound like you had a lot of fun.

    I am like Sylvi I like my home comforts too, even when I used to go hillwalking I had to sleep in a youth hostel or bunk houses.

    Sorry to hear you have the flu and hope you make a speedy recovery.

    Mary x

  • Hey Mary, come the winter I will be in front of the log fire, strange that rain but in summer doesn't bother me but cold and ice and snow kill me! Feeling much better today, more of a cold now, just me doing too much.... Again! One day I will act on my advice to pace yourself lol xxxxx

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