Hi Beeper here, just had a hoilday. Not had one for six years. The family usually have a caravan hoilday and I find it difficult to get our the chairs or bed they are to low and the caravan is to high to get into. This year they wanted to go to centre parks at longleat. The best holiday ever, they booked a disabled villa. It was ace, electric bed, walk in shower room, chairs for disabled. Kitchen tops right height. The villa not to far from the main centre. The park run a free disable taxi service with wheel chair access. The swimming pool allows a wheel chair in the water so you can float out. They supple a free nurse if you need one. So of the events cater for disabled. Went clay shooting and archery all from my wheel chair. Food was out if this world the staff were amazing and kind and helpful. Best holiday ever. 

Yours Brian

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  • Great stuff!!

    Glad you a had a good time and were able to join in with the events.

    Take care.



  • Yes I had a go at clay shooting and archery , painting and pottery painting and eating the food was amazing especially the pancakes. 

  • I have always fancied going to Centre Parks but have thought it to be "out of my league" now that my mobility is impaired.

    This is something I can now take another look at.

    Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention.

    I bet you are planning your spa session already !!!



  • Sure am. Check if other sites do the taxi service. I went to longleat.  

  • That's sound as though they've got it just right & it obviously made your holiday. Thanks for posting this Brian it may be helpful for other wheelchair users who come across problems.

  • Your holiday sounds taylor made and so much more enjoyable for you having facilities in place that enabled you rather than disabling.

    Thanks for sharing it will be useful for others . I must admit I fancy the electric bed.

  • Yes I recommend it. I'm going again when I can and going to have a spa session next time. The archery I can first with 144 points. Not bad in a wheelchair. 

  • Great you had a good time thanks for sharing

  • That sounds beyond perfect! Glad you had such a fabulous time :)


  • Fantastic!

  • Thank you that's a great help.



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