Yeah managed to sleep last night. One full week after my infusion and adding in a glass of white wine!

Next infusion next week so I hope it was just a start up problem! Xx

On a lighter note went to see McBusted !! It was actually amazing! Giant spaceships coming from the stadium roof, flying cars, giant three boobs! ( lyrics to one of the songs ) . It looked like it had been dreamed up by a 10 year old but amazing and extremely professional ! Brought back my daughters childhood for her! Disabled platforms are SO amazing! Xx

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  • Apologies for the three uses of AMAZING lol x

  • Don't apologise for over use I took that you were still on a high. Not sure if it was the wine or the music! xx

  • Both probably, although I might try another lass tonight lol, ps I allowed with Abatacept ha ha

  • Lol another lass!! Must have started on the wine early ha ha x

  • Yaay. So glad you had a good nights sleep. Doctor Wine award yourself a medal. I went to bed without dinner at 8.30 last night feeling rubbish. Terrible pain in neck, down shoulder & into my upper arm. Couple of hours sleep then husband came to bed & I was restless the rest of the night. Maybe it's my husband I've got a problem with, not occurred to me before!! Up for good by 6, gave up. Would love to see McBusted, seen them all on TV & have been great so would imagine even better live. Happy you had a amazing, amazing, amazing time!!

  • Ye did I say it was Amazing lol x

  • Mmmm. Now let me think errrrmm..... YES!!!!! HA. Glad though, it lets you forget everything else for a bit.

  • Hi, saw the pictures and video, was AMAZING ha ha the boobies though??? Strange boys ;) xx

  • Lyrics in the year 3000 mention boobies! Daren't put a picture here of three giant 50 ft boobs hanging from the stadium ceiling lol xx

  • glad you had fun , my step daughter is going Friday and my daughter on Saturday , will tell them how amazing it is ! a little bit envious ! going to see the Eagles this month , ( my xmas present ) showing my age here , can't wait x

  • Love them,, saw them on the hell freezes over tour !

  • me too ! seen them 3 times now , I'm a bit of an anorak ! x

  • My daughter and niece are going Friday too. Will let her know how fab it was x


  • Hope they enjoy it too x

  • Don't know if it's been done before but how about for the weekend one of your fun off topic posts "Best ever concerts", if you're ok & not busy. Sure we'd all have fun with that one & would love to hear about your festival ones too?! Could do it myself but you seem to be the most experienced in "live" music!! Go on, go on, go on.........

  • Done

  • Replied!!

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