Hello hello I am back again, and love/ hate with Rheumy continues!

Hiya, had a great time in Manchester as I said Beyonce was amazing! Then met up with the equally gorgeous Watson and man with and others at t he conference. When you meet the Nras team they are all great and as talented as Beyonce, hey even tried to get me o do some Beyonce moves lol.

There was a letter from my last clinic visit waiting when I go home. Some of you may remember I told him off when he wrote this nervous lady..... I Was blooming nervous, I hadn't met him before, and that what he thinks can change my life lol

So this letter started ...... I saw this distraught lady who is struggling and decided to give her a steroid injection and continued, her main aim is to get to Glastonbury, so I will give her more steroids up to June! Lol, talk about getting to know your patients, I think he can truly say is empathetic and holistic in his care , well till next visit.....think we should get married we are always fighting an making up lol :) hope he adds going with assistance, PA and disabled site with Attitude is everything charity!!!

Have a good pain free nite ! Hugs Axx

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  • Good for you Allanah,you give him what for. I am pleased you had a lovely time in manchester.xx

  • Never been compared to Beyonce. But thanks for the compliment. Manchester was excellent. Enjoyed it very much. Also the cocktail.. should have had more. Ha ha

  • LoL! I know I was tired. Out after seeing Beyonce and shopping in the trafford centr, coutesy of shopmobility! But yeah I was a whoose, will make it up to you next time we meet up !! Xx

  • Nah! Got to catch up with ironing lol but did have a pamper day on Friday of course which was gorgeous xxx

  • Are you annoyed about the 'distraught lady' bit? And the implication that ALL you are interested in is getting to Glastonbury? (I know Glasto is VERY important but also that of course you want real progress longer term).

    I think some medics cannot write a decent letter to save their lives ...... even if they do have empathy they can't get it across in writing. My Rheumy's first language isn't English so I assume his very brief summaries are down to that .... in person he seems to connect fairly well with me.

    There's no way you are simply a distraught lady - you are inspiring - tho' most of us must feel & act distraught at times, comes with the terrritory .....

    Glad you had a good conference. Luce xx

  • Hiya Luce, lol not really cos he was right about the distraught bit, I went into the room saying ..hope you can cope with an emotional over fifty on your last appointment Friday afternoon, so guess I was asking for it, and I had rang the helpline asking to be seen!! Lol!,

    Also I suspect all I was interested in on that day was getting able to walk by June!!

    But I will take the compliment and say thank you :) xxxxx

  • Hi glad you had a good time away. Allanah its good to have you back you normally have me smiling and today its the norm smiling.............. xx

  • Well watch this space, more smily stuff coming up soon I think !! :)

  • I know what you mean about not minding when someone describes you as what you knew yourself to be on the day.

    Mine said "there are still many anxieties but I feel at last progress is being made" at the end of his letter his a year ago. I felt at the time that he was saying that the anxieties were all mine but now I'm not so sure. He emailed me back last week via the physio and his response was very clear, thorough and helpful. Then he said on a more personal note how delighted he was that I've become an NRAS Scottish Ambassador followed by some stuff about promoting RA in context of government. He signed off using his name rather than Dr. Despite feeling really crappy health-wise I felt really happy after this communication. So I can see how you feel too. Its nice building up a good working relationship that shows they see you as an individual not just another patient.

    Great stuff about Manchester - lets hope for one in Scotland soon so you can come home and I can come Sooth for a wee holiday?! Xx

  • Yes they talked a lot about your marvelous scottish ambassadors, i am so pleased for you. its such an honour!!! xx

  • It is I know! X

  • well you deserve it my friend xxxx

  • Thank-you! X

  • Thank-you! X

  • Hi Allanah , well sounds like you been enjoying yourself again and having a giggle up in Manchester, i'm so glad . Its also good to hear you are in one piece and no accidents this time lol.

    I think you have your consultant well under control now lol !! At least you know he will do everything in his power to get you to Glastonbury lol.

    I have been having a really rubbish day of it but you have just made me laugh for the 1st time today you have that effect on me hun . Big hugs lena xxx

  • Ye I know and hope you don't leave it too long to sort out your girl! It will drag on otherwise, she is probably thinking like you , you know !!

    Yep it's good no accidents this week having a steroid and falls holiday!!!

    At least in Glasto if I fall everyone else will be on the floor anyway so they won't notice Hee her.

    Sort her out soon, so you can relax and forget about it.......again xxxxx hugs Axx

  • thanks allanah , you made me chuckle about everyone on the floor at Glasto as well as you if you fall. lol. thanks for the advice will do love and hugs lena xxx :)

  • the trouble is with some of them they think they are gods and know what your problems are befor you tell the some of them are like dynamo on the tv with trick and dont listen to the patient its a shame we cant walk in swop brains for half and hour have it back and say here is my hanky to wipe your eyes whats wrong lol

  • Hee hee , pick a card, any card....

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