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peep oo ,, back again

Hi all, I know only seem to write rarely but do read all the posts well as many as I can .

Have problems sitting at my lap top and no good on my "lap" as it falls off lol

Have a had a birthday so have now been in pain of one sort or another for ooooo46 years . So in fact have no idea at all what it is like to be pain free. So this is my normal I suppose .

I have had good days in all that and in the beginning it was more no pain than pain but the last few years well will not go into all that again lol .

But just wanted to chat , as got a busy week next week I have to go to medical people on nearly every day .and thought it bit like buses , none for a while then all together .

Monday see my Rhumy , then tues see surgeon to see if he can do anything about my spinal spurs and stenosis . Having been told by the surgeon who did my hip ops that they "prob not touch me with a barge pole "lol .

Thursdau got to see a counseling service as depression is getting to me and my doc wants me to see them for his peace of mind ??? .

Friday I go to have the first of the new treatment of Tocilizmab after waiting ages . Think Rhumy expected me to have started it before I see him on monday or he gave them a jolt .

So Wed is my day off so far ..........and considering how tired I get just going to the shops it will be tiring beyond belief but at two appt at hospital I will have to drive to alone as daughter at work and can not get time off to go with me. at least the others are local and can get a taxi if feel unsafe to drive or have had to top up my morphine and know will be rubbish by friday

just got phone call and wed not longer free got to see my asthma nurse as this breathing lark is getting a bit pain full even with my inhalers .

Think will just hibernate over weekend to get some energy for next week.. Hope you are all doing as well as you can take care .xx

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Well you have got a busy week you will need a restful weekend to prepare yourself for all your appointments. Hope all your medical appts go well and you see some improvements in your wellbeing

hang in there and muster yourself for the coming week



Pam,you are having a hard time of it aren't you. I don't know if this will help you or not,but here goes. I brought a kidney shaped craft table that sits round my chair that i am sitting in. You can get them from disability shop or look online. They range in price from £150 upwards. I wouldn't be without mine, i use it everyday. You might want to look into this and see whats around. sylvi.xx


Its just one of those weeks lol, I will be taking it as easy as I can , but going out shopping tomorrow with my eldest (shck) and my little grandson ,though not sure who is going ot be walking the slowest as Deb is 24 weeks pregnant and rather big charlie is only two and I walk like I am a hundred when i can that is lol but sunday is going ot be a duvet day I think . cris , Sylvi I will look into one of those tables as miss being online ..and doing other things to when hands permit xx


gosh yeah I know the feeling re tiredness and lots of appointments, but tomorrow i am doing NOTHING, really (well there is a bit of ironing to do....) Axx


Yes I think some serious hibernation sounds in order for the weekend Pam. You are brave - carry on being an RA Trouper and hopefully that Tocilizmab will turn things round for you. Tilda x


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