Coping with Glastonbury!

Coping with Glastonbury!

Hiya well I promised some I would tell you ow it all went!

I got tickets by volunteering to help on the disability platforms. . If you are on ESA you have to inform them and there is a limit to how long you can do. But all I had to do was sit on my chair and check armbands and answer questions.

Glasto are great at allowing you to job share, do shorter shifts, or not work nights or early mornings. I use the term work very loosely! It fun! You can have a break when you need it as long as someone else covers your point. You get radios to ask for help or advice You also get kits with maps, ear plugs and general where are the toilet answers!

I drove to Glasto with loads of stops then as we on the disabled campsite you get a special postcode which bypasses the heavy traffic so my legs weren't too sore. You are then allowed to drive onto the campsite. Your PA, who gets in free! with the volunteers empties your car and put up your tent , then you take the car o the disability car park and they bus you back to the campsite. I take a high camp bed that i can get out of easier as i wouldnt manage a floor one. On site there are toilets, showers, massages, and mobility scooters ( hire before you go).

Ther is also a huge campfire to keep you warm and hot water for medications, the coffee and hot water bottles!!

There is also special access behind the pyramid stage so you don't have to walk right around the arena and in the big crowds and buses to far parts of the fields eg circus or kids areas. There's a celeb hospitality area we can use to so met Ed Sheerin, John Bishop and Matt Smith this time!

There is a proper hospital tent with X-ray facilities, on site ambulances etc. it's like a huge city in a field.

It really helps lift my mood when I know I can do my favourite thing safely.

There's loads moe info on the main official Glastonbury page, under the disability information and also if you google Attitude is Everything who run the dusabked facilities at lots of festivals. Next one is Latitude then loads of others including Leeds/ Reading.

Best of all there re 10 viewing platforms on lots of stages, so you are up above the crowd so you can see the stage and it's a nice safe environment and we have a good laugh on there, I have made so many friends there over the years.

So maybe see some of you at Gladto next year, or another festival , and we can forget our RA for a while !! Xx If anyone wants anymore info just message me xx

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  • How brilliant

  • Sounds great x

  • Sorry even with all the information you won't get me sleeping in a tent! Good to hear you have a lovely time again. xx

  • Ha ha ha!

  • Hiya. Wonderful, thanks for all that. It's a side to these events many don't get to hear about & just goes to show just because we have RD or any other issues it doesn't mean it's the end of life as we knew it does it? I'm with Georje though & don't do camping but I'm a wus & fear creepy crawlies & gribblies would visit in the night whilst I'm asleep lol.

  • I so admire you. Me hate camping love all mod cons!!!!!! Soft southerner xxx

  • Glad to hear you had another great Glastonbury experience Allanah. This is a good survival guide for arthritis and festivals for those interested!

  • Great article! Thanks x

  • Katy will be in touch ! She has about 5 kg of jewellery! Get her to ring u Wednesday on her free college sessions x

  • Sounds like you had a great time allanah! Such a positive article. Thank you!


  • Xxxxx

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