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What a waste of time,feels like no-one wants to know,turn away now I'm going for a moan!!

Well you may or may not remember reading about my woes last week,I had a really painful & swollen neck,felt ill with flu like symptoms.Go to the doctors you all said.I had to wait a week for an appointment which was last night,what a waste of time. I was in there all of 5mins 3 of which was taken up with her telling me all about her wedding (I kid you not). She couldn't tell me if the damage to my knee was due to RA,the results were in from the MRI scan,I would have to ask the consultant,she wasn't interested in my neck,it's still swollen,she didn't even look,again ask the consultant. I wanted to ask her about my legs from the knees down I keep getting terrible muscle spasms which is making it very difficult to drive & sometimes even walk,I had to turf some youngsters off a bench,so I could sit down,I wanted to ask them for a swig of their beer but I thought that would be pushing it! My feet are very swollen & I've got to go out & buy a new pair of shoes for the wedding next week as the ones I had no longer fit. Anyway I could tell she didn't want to know. I told her I had decided to take the meds after my sons wedding next week,so she proceeded to tell me all about her own wedding, I've only seen this doctor three times before. I'm really worried about the wedding,such a long day & I get so so tired & don't feel that anyone truly understands how ill I feel,not even the doctor. Thank you for letting me have a great big moan x

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Hi Caza,

Hope you feel a little better after your well deserved moan. Sounds like your appointment was a complete waste of time.

Good luck with the wedding, hopefully you won't get too tired and I'm sure people will understand if you need to sit down.

Hope you manage to get some comfy shoes too.



I totally understand where you're coming from and see why you're so upset by your doctors lack of sensitivity. Perhaps you could make an appointment to see a different one after the wedding. Buying dress shoes is a nightmare for a lot of us on here. I spend most days in my Sketchers sandals and the thought of wearing a "proper" shoe makes me wince. Saying that I went into the Croc outlet shop earlier in the week and they had some really comfortable wedged shoes which I have got to buy as soon as I have a spare £40. I hope you're feeling better after letting off steam.

Take care

Paula x


that really was a useless appointment Caza. When is your appointment with the consultant? Could you make an emergency appointment with another GP and ask if there is something in the interim that you could take that could get you through the wedding week. The meds do take a while to work anyway. It is really awful being in that limbo position where you have not been positively diagnosed. Good luck with the shoe shopping and hope the wedding goes well next week.


My GPs are the same. I am now boycotting them in protest but I don't think they've noticed. I'm just angry for you, really pee-ed off. I wish I had some advice but at the moment I'm not sure how to proceed myself - I too seem to be clocking up reasons to lose faith in doctors.

Somehow I'm picturing you turfing those youngsters off the bench - that made me laugh. Next time confiscate their beer. I hope you get the service and respect you deserve and that you really enjoy the wedding.

Christina xx



My oldest son was married, last October, for the first time, at the age of 49. That day was so wonderfully exciting and fun, emotional moments and lots of pride, I never noticed my pains. I did make sure I took all my pain meds on schedule, before anything could take hold. I had even bought a pair of flats to wear at the reception, in case my nice shoes got uncomfortable. They didn't. I had found a pair, at the best shoe store, made by Sass, with a wide width, deeper toe box to accomodate all my hammertoes, etc., a bit pricey, but I love them, they have just a slight 2" wedge-stacked heel, sandal straps and I've worn them several times. I suspect you will be so taken up by all the joyful festivities, you won't notice much else. Just be sure to take a whole days' worth of pain meds with you and keep on schedule, every 4 hours usually. Have a great time! Loret xx


Caza, if your still in so much pain why don't you go to a&e and see if they can give you some help. I feel for you as it is no joke when no one takes any notice to what your saying. I think i would contact your practise manager about the drs behavior as it is not good enough.

What are you doing to help yourself,i find a sink full of cold water helps my hands when they are sore,and yes my hands will be in cold water today.

Sending you healing hugs. Love sylvi.xx


Hi I understand completely, I had this for ages, then decided to change my behaviour

When I went in, so I say hello, then say I have written some questions down that I need

Answers to,

What medication can I have for??

Or my meds arn't working can I have a steroid injection? That always gives me great relief!!

Why does my neck hurt so much?

Can I have a DAS score? that means they have to look at all

Joints that's inflamed?

These are an example of things I ask, then we do the social chit chat.

This makes it much better for me.

If you do not get the results you need, see another consultant/doctor.

Hope this helps

General advise rest when need to be gentle on yourself, sleep when you need to an hours

Rest makes all the difference. I have had RA for 20 years and still learning.

Gentle hugs from me.

If you want to private message me for support I am here.



hi Casa, sorry to hear about the lack of treatment from your GP no matter how busy or important they think they are, you are probably not the only one to be treated this way, so please do not give up ok. can i suggest you change your GP if at all possible ? You do not deserve to be treated this way, you have a life to live just like every one else. Failing that, i am afraid you may have to take to take the bull by the horns & tell the GP to listen to you. Sounds harsh but one has do it at times. It is you that needs the help after all. I was pleased to read your wee blog so keep it up. we are all suffers on this great web page, so keep in contact as it does help. Please take care. And if possable? please let us all know how get on. were here for each other. weemikec


Last Monday I saw a different GP when I had rang because I felt like you, I told them on the phone that \i thought I was dying! it sort of shakes them up, but it did the trick for me! check out blog Good Day all the best and hope things improve, just being heard is all we ask sonmetimes.


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