the continuing 10 month saga yet again after being free for 4 years back with a vengance

the continuing 10 month saga yet again after being free for 4 years back with a vengance

knee clinic sent me down to walk in centre due to could not exersise on foot big problems trying to motivate big toe They say never seen anything like this before EHH well u have now mate ankle still giving way pain in knee, but i can Get upstars on it cos i push but that ankle im sure took the knee out I showed a demonstration of knee twisting and ankle going in What have you come with today the ankle knee or foot WHAT you can only look at one thing and u cant do xrays WHAT SORT OF A SYSTEM IS THIS

I was asked to go to podiatry so walked over their got to see them next day

Whent to see them and they bandayed up my toe well ive been doing a better job than them to stop it rubbing and using savlon on it

Showed them the knee twisting also showed them my finger with lumps on looks like ra to me the colour of the palms no nothing showing in blood diabetic then no nothing showing in blood

The only thing i have shown up when i got rid of these lumps some 4 years ago and got back to fitness WAS INFERNON GAMA TEST (POSITIVE) which means at some point in time i have been exposed to TB have you got any chest complaints no I EXPLAINE HOW IF YOU HAVE BEEN ON IMMUNE SUPRESANTS FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME THIS CAN FLAIR UP AND IT S CALLED bone tb outside your lungs gets in anyway most people have tb without even knowing it at all I WANTED TO GET A TEST ON THIS BUT IN 10 MONTHS NO ONE IS INTERESTED let get this one out of the way if thats negative well i dont know what

So as you can see rumi woman i had for 4 years says now havent got lupus discharged from them so what have i got All this started through hernia opperation 10 weeks after so far it has had

one ankle, then one knee, then fingers,then ringing in ears.then back ache,then teeth 2 had to be removed at hospital and receeded all my gums. Is ther anything left to have i wonder cos i dont half have rigamortice in a morning and swelling mildly at night.

picture dosnt do that toe and blue toes justice

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  • That looks rough i stillthink you should go to a&

  • Doesn't look ok very good mate . I would call your gp if I were you xxx

  • hi allana nice to see your still on here WELL NOT NICE TO SEE YOU ARE STILL ON HERE REALY Been free of this dam thing for 4 years doing everything i wanted had a hernia opperation and everything has come back with a vengance and stronger Not walking good as ankle giving way and knee not a happy bunny been holding the thing up with the other l;eg now that one is at it to

    I hope you are feeling much better will have top look at your posts later xxx

  • Getting new infusion at end of month but still doing my thing !!! I was so glad you got a bit of rest from it all but this might just be a one off you know lol!!! But see doc about that toe looks like circulation maybe isnt that good ???

  • Just tried docs can't get in and they told me to phone this morning docs of sick should not be allowed

  • Tell them it's an emergency as I think circulation problems like that are !

  • might bee coming from the lose ankle or knee causing no blood flow but i think your right one way or another.

  • Your toe looks really painful, go to A&E or your GP, shouldn't ignore feet, looks like it could be infected. Good luck. X

  • Wow that doesn't look good!! I get swollen toes with PsA. Is it very painful? Gout?

  • Oh dear! it does look like Gout, hope you get sorted

  • It's more at the end of my toe like a blister or blood pooling could not get in at docs this morning

  • Ow, ow, ow. That looks so painful... I wish I cold help you in some way Minka. I agree with the others. It looks to me like you need to have it seen...

  • Thanks all manage to get appointment for other doc's not mine for 6'45pm walking I. Center and podiatry well no luck this lots not getting better this time

  • Hi Minka this is Zeus 49 from denton I'm new on this site and I have rheumatoid arthiritis. My toe was similar to yours last year when I was on methotrexate subcutaneous I had bad pain and flares. I was in a bad way. The specialist then told me I needed a backup with methotrexate and offered me enbrel at first I was scared and after a time I went on it last year. It has took the inflammation to a low level and all the redness in my feet went away. I have had a few hiccups along the way. I've had two bursts on my feet which I had removed . Now another one has appeared in the exact same place and I'm having that removed.

    My surgeon told me some people get bursa and can live with them but with having rheumatoid I must be prone to them. If we cud all get rid of the pain and dwellings etc life would be a bit bearable. Anyway minka I do hope you feel better soon and your big toe gets better. Zeus 49.

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